Alhaji Muftao :Establish colts clubs in all districts

Author: George Ernest Asare
Alhaji Mohamed Muftao

A TECHNICAL Director of Sports in the  Eastern Region, Alhaji Mohamed Muftao, has implored the Sports Ministry to collaborate with the Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts Assemblies (MMDAs) to establish colts clubs in each district in Ghana.

Attributing the falling standard of Ghana’s football at the local and international levels  to the lack of colts clubs in Ghana, Alhaji Muftao said establishing colts clubs in all districts for the purpose of competing for honours in a sustainable league format would enable the clubs to unearth, nurture and develop the potentials of the youth with football skills.

“Football is now a huge business which can generate much revenue for Ghana, but colts clubs which used to be the nursing grounds for the premier league clubs are all defunct. This is because those who run such clubs do not have the requisite financial resources to continue running clubs at the youth level,” Alhaji Muftao bemoaned during an interview with Graphic Sports Online in Accra.

According to Alhaji Muftao, all the MMDAs had budget for sports activities which were seldom invested for such purposes, hence the need for the Sports Ministry to take advantage to collaborate with the MMDAs to make good use of the sports budgets.

“With the collaboration between the Sports Ministry and the MMDAs, many colts clubs would not only spring up in their numbers, but the competitive spirit among the teams would surge for the benefit of the local clubs,” he added.

He suggested that many of the retired football stars with knowledge in coaching should be encouraged to coach the colts clubs if they were established to make them much competitive and formidable

“I am certain that if we go back to establish colts clubs across Ghana, the standard of the game will soon improve and Ghana will not only take her place as a renowned football country but will also generate huge revenue from potential football stars to speed up our development,” he stated.