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‘Born ones’ struggle to marry because men don’t want them -Joselyn Dumas

‘Born ones’ struggle to marry because men don’t want them -Joselyn Dumas

Beautiful Ghanaian actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas, has opened up about the challenges of many single mothers who are struggling to find a partner because of societal biases.


On her recent podcast, Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas, The Perfect Picture actress shared a personal story of a friend who refused to settle down with a lady because she had a child.

According to Dumas, her friend by name Anthony, firmly stated that it wasn’t his thing to be with a ‘born one’ or ‘born two’.

“He said Bi, B2, I’m not in and I said to myself, ‘this is the reason why a lot of single mothers are single with their children. 

“Now his reason was, why am I going to raise somebody’s child? That’s not my bloodline. He doesn’t have my DNA in him. Why am I now going to help someone’s bloodline grow? What about mine?” she said. 

Joselyn, who he is herself a single mother, said his friend’s mindset is a reflection of the views of a larger majority of people who don’t want to have meaningful relationship with single mothers.

She also criticised the double standard in society’s views on raising non-biological children, arguing that it should not be seen differently from adoption.

“I have a child but these men won’t even ask you, they don’t even care why you have a child. You’ve had seven miscarriages when you got married. You meet a guy, you were dating and you got pregnant, are you going to abort the baby because you aren’t married?

“He doesn’t want the child, are you going to throw the child away? No! You can raise the child. It takes a village to raise the child so even if you don’t have a job, you will get support. This is part of the sacrifice you have to make regardless of what has happened,” she said. 

The video has sparked conversations about the challenges faced by single mothers in dating and settling down, drawing significant attention to societal attitudes and biases.

Watch video below:

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