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Tiffany Haddish tracked down trolls’ personal information and called them
Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish tracked down trolls’ personal information and called them

Troll Tiffany Haddish at your own risk. The comedian and actress tells Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times about the extreme lengths she went to last year amid a barrage of hateful online comments.


Tiffany Haddish, 44, recalls creating a fake Instagram account for her "alter ego" Sarah, who would confront her trolls by "deploying details from their personal lives."

On occasion, the Emmy winner has even spoken to her haters on the phone.

"I've learned how to find people's information—like I pull up the credit report, police records. You can do that for $1.99," Haddish explained. "Sometimes, I get so mad that I'll get they phone number and I’ll just call them."

Tiffany was unfazed by Kaufman's look of disbelief, describing how some of these calls had gone down.

"Oh, I have called people, honey," she said. "They be shocked that I called. They'll be like, 'I can't believe you even saw that.' You did a whole video, bitch! You made a full, five-minute video! On the internet, people think they can just say whatever and you not gonna say anything. I try my best not to, but I'm a human being.”

Tiffany Haddish once hired a digital forensics analyst to help her determine where a series of death threats were coming from.

She says she felt better upon discovering that 75 per cent of the messages were from Malaysia and Iran through bots.

Haddish is coming off of a tough time in her personal life. Even though her child sexual abuse lawsuit was ultimately dismissed, its existence impacted her professional career. "I lost everything," she told TMZ in 2022. "All my gigs, gone. Everything, gone. … I don’t have no job."

In November 2023, she was arrested and charged with a DUI for the second time in less than two years.

She ended up pleading no contest to a misdemeanour reckless driving violation after the charge was dropped when it was found that her blood alcohol content was 0.03 per cent.

Haddish has taken some valuable lessons away from everything she has been through, such as abstaining from drinking, sleeping longer, and learning to not take every project offered to her.

Her second memoir, I Curse You with Joy, hits on Tuesday, May 7. It follows 2019's The Last Black Unicorn.

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