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EDITOR’S LENS: Build platforms to mentor young talents
Musician Safo Newman

EDITOR’S LENS: Build platforms to mentor young talents

The creative industry is bursting with talented young artistes, but many lack the guidance and support to reach their full potential.


However, building the right platforms to mentor them can shape the future of the creative industry.

Ghana’s music industry has been guilty of mostly shining the spotlight on established acts, leaving emerging talents in the shadows. 

But, the future of Ghanaian music depends on nurturing and empowering these up and coming artistes and it's time for stakeholders and investors to prioritise building the necessary structures to support and develop budding talents.

Last year, for instance, Ghana was blessed with Safo Newman who gained huge attention for his song, Akokoa.

However, just a few months down the line, Safo Newman has been missing in action, virtually out of coverage area. He is not alone, same fate has befallen other gifted budding acts such as Yaw Tog, Kofi Jamar and Tulenkey, among others, who exuded so much confidence, were vessels of hope and were expected to be the new faces of Ghana’s music industry.

Echoing this sentiment is music executive Roland Ohene-Amoako, who emphasises the critical need for platforms dedicated to grooming and empowering emerging artistes in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz. 

He is of the strong belief that the current dearth of such opportunities, which leaves young talents at a disadvantage, hinders their ability to navigate the complexities of the music business effectively.

Similarly, Graphic Showbiz believes investment in the music industry should not solely focus on bolstering established acts, but should also allocate resources towards supporting and uplifting emerging talents. 

By creating avenues for mentorship, training and exposure, stakeholders can ensure that the next generation of Ghanaian musicians are well-prepared to take up the mantle from the older ones and also make their mark on the global stage.

Graphic Showbiz is calling for a concerted effort from stakeholders to provide a nurturing environment for up and coming musicians and industry professionals. 

This commitment entails establishing platforms that offer comprehensive education and mentorship, and equipping emerging talents with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive music industry.

Investors must recognise the immense potential within the Ghanaian music industry and explore opportunities to contribute to its growth and development. 

By investing in platforms that foster the growth of emerging talent, investors not only support the future of Ghanaian music but also stand to reap significant returns from nurturing the next generation of music industry leaders.

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