Bawa hopeful of Titans' chances

Author: Kwame Larweh
Mark Bawa

The Achimota cricket oval is likely to explode on Sunday when the various cricket clubs converge to battle for the President’s T20 tournament trophy.

The tournament, which forms part of activities to promote cricket, will see 11 crack teams including Taysec Titans, Kyebi Leopards, IPMC, Nsoroma, Supreme Warriors, Salt and Pepper, Everest and Super Kings, battle it out to see which of them wins the bragging rights for the day.

Skipper Mark Bawa of Taysec Titans said they were optimistic that their team was capable of emerging winners to take custody of the trophy at stake.

He said having booked a place for the semi finals in the three-week old tournament with a 100 per cent winning record, there was no way any team could stand between them and victory on Sunday.

According to Bawa, the tough training they had gone through would propel them to win the tournament.
“Looking at our current success, we are not afraid of any of the teams competing against us in the tournament. We will do our best as a team to win the tournament.

“We are seeking to win this tournament so that many of our players will be recruited into the national team. This is because the tournament forms the bases for selecting players into the state team, so we will never lose this opportunity,” he explained.