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I would rather invest GH₵50,000 in my soul than go for body enhancement – Celestine Donkor

I would rather invest GH₵50,000 in my soul than go for body enhancement – Celestine Donkor

Ghanaian gospel musician Celestine Donkor is not enthused about the idea of body enhancement which is rife among female showbiz personalities.


Celestine who played guest to Hitz FM's morning show Daybreak Hitz on Thursday, April 25, 2024, told the host Doreen Avio that she would rather invest in things that will edify her soul than think about changing anything about her body.

"As a minister I can confidently say here that for me personally, if I have GH₵40,000 or GH₵50,000 to work on my body I would invest in my soul. Because this body will perish one day, trust me," she said.

According to her, no matter how slim and nicely carved one's body is, it will be buried in the ground one day.

"The one that will not die is your soul. So we spend time in looking good and the soul looks terrible. If you have a perfect combination of the two, praise Jesus for you. 

But to invest so much in looking good, appearing good and your soul is dying, it's really a sad thing to happen to happen to a human being. Because the worthless creature after death is the human body. Even goats when they die they have value because we use them in our soup," she said.

Celestine, however, noted that there are outliers; women who have health complications that require going under the knife, are justified to do that.

"If your health is not at risk, you are not in danger because of your weight, there is a way you can manage your diet, and walk and be in shape, go for that one. If your weight is a danger to your health, your life is at risk, it's okay to go for surgery; that's a life saver. Because if I had not gone under knives for my kids, they would have died in my womb," she said.

She further stated that even though she is a plus size woman, she is very active, healthy and confident about her personality.


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