Ashgold tasks NC to declare clubs share

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Frederick Acheampong

PREMIERSHIP side Ashantigold Sporting Club has tasked the Normalisation Committee (NC) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to make known the club’s share of the participation fee for the special competition before committing to partake in it.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AshantiGold, Frederick Acheampong, who made the demand after the last-minute cancellation of the competition by the NC last week, stated that the Miners would be ready to participate in the tournament if only that condition could be met by the FA.

According to him, the NC has not been transparent with regard to the participation fee for each of the Premier League clubs before the start of the competition. This, he believes, is the main reason why most of the clubs failed to sign the endorsement letter the NC sent round requesting them to commit to the competition.

 “The letters the NC wrote to us never stated how much they are paying the clubs, yet they asked us to sign the contract and commit ourselves. If you sign and commit yourself and you don’t participate, you will be liable to a fine of GH¢10,000 and they are going to take the money they gave you back. Meanwhile, the clubs do not know how much they would be paid yet,” a livid Mr Acheampong told the Graphic Sports in an interview.

In his view, Ashgold and to a large extent the other Premier League clubs were ready and had compromised to the demands of the NC just for the special competition to start, but their only challenge was the lack of transparency with regard to the funds due the clubs.

“We have always stated that we are committed to playing the competition. They asked us to register our players for the competition, which we did; they asked us to submit our home grounds for inspection and we did. They also asked us to submit our jerseys, and we did that too. These things we did demonstrated our readiness for the competition. We want the competition to be organised; the players must play football because it is their work and it is the reason why they are being paid,” he insisted.

He, however, suggested that maybe the Normalisation Competition was not ready for the special competition.

“I think the Normalisation Committee wants to use the Premier League clubs as scapegoats. They were not ready; if they were ready they would have started with the one for the Division One teams.
“I believe they are now going back to restrategise and come out with a plan,” he intimated.