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KB Asante: Voice From Afar column

Kwaku Baprui Asante porpulaly known as K.B Asante was a Ghanaian diplomat, writer and politician. Born on 26 March 1924, he was the Secretary to Ghana's First President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Asante served under most Heads of States in Ghana, starting from Nkrumah, and also served as the Principal Secretary at African Affairs Secretariat from 1960 to 1966. The articles listed here are from his column in the Daily Graphic Newspaper.
Public institutions do not necessarily belong to present occupants. 18-09-17
We should adopt and maintain creditable policies for our gold and cocoa 11-09-17
Protocol pressures on our Presidents 21-08-17
We do not need new laws to change society 14-08-17
How long should authority be unconcerned - A disparagement of the African character? 07-08-17
Is this the end of the begging mentality? 24-07-17
Plea to UEW, UTAG 20-07-17
Ghanaians in the diaspora can contribute a lot to development now 17-07-17
Time to talk less and enforce rules and regulations 03-07-17
Do our diplomats simply lie abroad for country? 26-06-17
Govt should not run from dev. responsibilities 19-06-17
Do ECOWAS and AU mean anything? 12-06-17
The public should assist the police to maintain law and order 05-06-17
How many of us are always normal? 22-05-17
Who owns the land of Ghana? 15-05-17
Sanction high personalities who bring nation into disrepute 08-05-17
Who owns Agbogbloshi lands? 01-05-17
Building fine malls to sell foreign goods - Not economic development 03-04-17
What is the purpose of our educational system? 27-03-17
Does Ghana need lectures from foreign diplomats?­ 13-03-17
How do we dress to see the President? 06-03-17
Inception of the unsavoury relations between civil servants and politicians 20-02-17
What is wrong with football in Ghana? 13-02-17
Freedom is maintained under the law 06-02-17
Do we think in Twi or English? 30-01-17
The high food cost must certainly end 23-01-17
It is now time for business 16-01-17
What is the state of the nation? 19-12-16
The president-elect should by his immediate actions justify the confidence placed in him or her 05-12-16
The election results are likely to be close and the thoughtful should close ranks 28-11-16