Koudijs Ghana Limited launches new poultry feed

BY: Joshua Bediako Koomson
The General Manager of  Koudijs Ghana Limited, Mr  Hugo Visscher,  addressing the media after the launch
The General Manager of Koudijs Ghana Limited, Mr Hugo Visscher, addressing the media after the launch

A new complete layer feed has been developed and launched to enhance poultry production in the country.

The new feed, intended to help boost the poultry industry, is the initiative of Koudijs Ghana Limited, one of the producers of complete feed programmes, concentrates and premixes in Ghana.

The new feed concentrates, fully produced locally, is expected to provide farmers and their birds with the right and strictly controlled nutrients in the most balanced ratios.

At the launch of the feed in Accra, the General Manager of the company, Mr Hugo Visscher, said the reason for the production was to show that the local scene has the capacity to make a great impact on the Ghanaian poultry sector.


While admitting that penetrating into the Ghanaian market was not going to be easy, Mr Visscher said with consistency of the product’s credibility, it gave it had a great advantage over other products in the market.

“We want to make a difference in the farmer’s life and that is what we want to achieve. We believe that with the right products, we will be able to change things in the poultry sector and if we are able to do that, it will also help improve on the life of the farmers,” he said.

“We want to be strong in the market, have a strong foothold in the market because we believe that with our knowledge, with our network, we are able to do the right thing in the market. For sure, you don’t start if you don’t want to get into competition with other feed suppliers in the market,” he said.

“We believe that with the right consistency and quality, we have never been the easiest in the market; nowhere in the market, and that is also not our goal to be the cheapest in the market because we believe that if we do the right thing, that is when we can make the difference and so to say, fight with your competitors,” he explained.

Resolving challenges

The Chief Executive Office of the Royal De Hues, the mother company of the Koudijs Ghana, Mr Koen de Heus, said the company plans to source 15 per cent of its raw materials locally, an initiative he said, fitted perfectly into the Sustainable Goals of the company.

He said the new poultry feed would resolve the challenge among farmers who buy poultry feed from multiple suppliers containing different qualities and later mix them to feed the birds.

Mr de Heus indicated that such practice wasn’t the best, as it created problems for the layers and affect their egg quality.

“With more than 100 years of experience in animal nutrition, we aim to be a safe haven for our customers, especially in these uncertain times where farmers are looking for reliable suppliers,” he said.

“Being a family-owned and independent company, we understand the needs of our customers. Our support teams are able to help our customers finding the right customised solutions in order to improve the performance of the farm and to grow it,” he added.