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“Genderseason' – how people feel their gender changes depending on the time of the year
Woke LGBTQ activist Dee Whitnell says she feels masculine in Summer and feminine in Winter

“Genderseason' – how people feel their gender changes depending on the time of the year

Gen Zers have sometimes been accused of blowing with the wind when it comes to their sexuality.


But a growing number of young people are now actually identifying as 'gender season' - meaning their gender changes depending on the time of year.

In a new story by UK’s Daily Mail earlier this month, it mentioned that one Dee Whitnell, who identifies as nonbinary, explained the term on TikTok as 'an individual who explores their gender identity in relation to a season, or all the seasons.'

It could be that someone's gender expression is linked to just one season, such as being more masculine during winter.

Or that someone's gender identity and expression changes with each season: perhaps identifying as female in summer but male in fall.

'This isn't saying that seasons determine your gender identity or expression, however it can influence it,' Whitnell said in a video posted to her YouTube channel.

'I feel more masculine in the summertime, I wear more masculine clothing, I wear shorts, I normally have my hair up more and I just feel more boy,' they said.

'Whereas in the wintertime, for some reason, girl mode comes out and I'm loving skirts and dresses and having my hair down.'

Users were quick to question the concept. 'It's called wearing summer and winter clothes just like everyone!' one user commented.

'It's nonsense,' another said of the gender identity, also known as seasogender, genderseason, or gendersian.

A separate TikTok even suggested pronouns relating to genderseason such as summer/summers/summerself and fall/falls/fallself.

'In summer and spring, I'm more feminine and a little bit androgynous and then fall, I'm pretty androgynous, and then winter is like androgynous or masculine,' another person on TikTok said.

'Genderseason' comes as part of a growing expansion of gender identities and sexual orientations, including 'ecosexuality', which is centered around the seductiveness of nature.

The term ‘ecosexual’ is the state of finding nature sexually appealing, whether that means feeling at one with nature’s ‘energy’ or physically caressing nature.

A sexual health coach on TikTok described ‘ecosexuality’ as an umbrella term for people who 'treat nature as a sensual partner.

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