‘Hair dye can damage your skull’

BY: Loretta Abena Koema

The Founder of the Ghana Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists and CEO of the Second Image Academy, Nikki Kuenyefu Boa-Amponsem, has warned against continuous application of hair dye as it could lead to skull damage and in some instances cancer or brain damage.

She said most hair dyes available on the market contained chemicals known as peroxide, which is very dangerous to the skull.

In an interview with The Mirror, she explained that the scalp was very close to the brain, so applying substances that contained chemicals should not be taken for granted.

“People who regularly apply hair dyes also have a higher risk of losing their hair as the scalp is continuously scraped off when the hair dye is washed from the hair,” she explained.

Hair dye craze

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Dyeing the hair is one fashion trend that never seems to be outdated. People dye their hair for different reasons; while some women see changing their hair colour as a way to spice their looks, some older women and men apply hair dyes to hide their greys.

There are temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes that come in different shades and colours depending on the preference of the user.

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Mrs Boa-Amponsem explained that the hair deteriorates in strength when chemicals such as hair dyes are applied to it consistently.

She mentioned that due to the different types of dyes and their different compositions, users should carefully read the labels and visit a professional hairdresser to assist them in application.

Mrs Boa-Amponsem noted that applying the dye by one’s self was not advisable as the chemical could cause blindness or other serious eye problems if it enters the eyes.

“Some users may decide to read the instructions and apply the dye themselves; the problem is most of them bend their heads when washing off the dye and this is dangerous as some of the chemicals in the dye could get in contact with the eyes,” she stressed.

On the latest craze of dyeing the beard, she warned men to also desist from such activities as the chemicals in the dyes could also have severe effects on the face.

She further advised hairdressers and barbers who always use hair dyes to wear protective gloves so that their skin would not have direct contact with the chemicals.