George Boateng threatens to go to court

BY: Abdul Aziz
Mr George Boateng, Presidential hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), waiting at the National Head Office

George Boateng, the Oyarifa branch youth organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who has expressed interest in challenging President John Mahama in the upcoming presidential  primaries has threatened to go court over the party’s decision to prevent him from fulfilling his dream.

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Mr Boateng went to the premises of the party’s headquarters Tuesday to collect new presidential nomination forms.

According to him, the party had instructed him to bring the draft presidential forms to the party headquarters for the issuance of original nomination forms.

No sooner had Mr Boateng arrived on an ‘Okada’ motorbike  than  the general secretary arrived  in his car and jumped out, rushing straight to his office without interacting with the presidential aspirant, who was waiting on the premises.

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When he attempted to enter the reception, he was asked by the workers to wait for the general secretary to call him, which he did but for more than two hours, nobody called him.

When he was about to leave the  premises after about two hours of waiting without meeting any executive officer, Mr Boateng explained that  the general secretary had sent word to him  to go home since there was a meeting at the headquarters.


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Mr Boateng told the press that he had the patience to wait but if he was not called to collect the forms, he would have no option but to seek the advice of his lawyers to go to court.

He said the court would force the general secretary to give him his forms as he had been a member of the party for so many years.

He said he was not mad, and that if he were the press would be the first to know since he had been talking consistently with the media.


He explained that he took the step to go to the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital to remove the tag of madness some wanted to put on him so that the impression would not stick in people’s mind.

“I don’t understand; if you say the party is democratic, why should  some  executive members use strategies to put pressure on me so that President Mahama would go unopposed.

“But I am ready to contest the President,” Mr Boateng stressed.