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Wed, Aug

Faster is not better in weight loss

Be consistent with your efforts at losing weight

When your BMI is above 25, you are a candidate for weight loss. It is more pressing to lose weight if your BMI climbs up above 30. Here you are obese. I have met so many people who need to lose weight; mostly they want to lose it too fast. I usually explain to them that losing too much weight within a short period of time was not the best.

Those who lose about 10kg of weight in just a month are very likely to gain all that and more back within the following three months. Thus the faster you lose weight the higher the probability that the lost weight will return in no time.

These are the reasons why:

Use of wrong methods

Some people fast for weeks so as to lose weight. If you drink some concoctions in place of your food all in the name of trying to lose weight, know that all you are doing is fasting.

If you drink lemon in warm water in place of breakfast so you can lose weight, know that all you are doing is fasting. Some people also drink just water for supper; this is also fasting.

Food is meant to help the body grow. At a point in a human being's life, vertical growth ceases. Thus you will not grow tall again. But horizontal growth continues. This is fatness, development of pot bellies in men and women, broadening of the chest, increasing width of the hip and buttocks, just to mention a few.

 The food we eat supports this type of growth. Anyone who denies their body food for some time will lose weight because there will be no energy to support their growth.

The body will therefore break down its own structures to get energy. Losing weight this way often presents losers other health problems so it's not the best thing to do.

If you fast for two weeks and lose so much weight, be rest assured that the following weeks that you resume eating your food, the lost weight will come back. There is therefore no positive achievement.

Weight loss without exercise

Some diet plans promise potential weight losers that they will lose weight even without exercising. For those who are so lazy about exercise, this comes as a golden opportunity.  These people will lose weight alright. Move on with life. Start eating as usual and then gain the weight back. This is because they are not used to exercising.

There is no means by which the body sheds unwanted energy and fat beside exercise. Every effective weight loss plan has exercise as an integral part.

Are you planning to lose some weight? If yes, then you have to start exercising. Remember that exercise is also medicine. Walking, dancing, jogging, swimming, are all good ways to exercise for weight loss.

Even those who used the diet-exercise combo for weight loss will begin to gain weight when they stop exercising.

Inconsistencies with weight loss efforts

Be consistent with your efforts at losing weight. Those who do the right things for a few months and relapse are likely to regain any weight lost during the hard work period.

To lose weight and keep it, keep doing the things that make you lose weight. There should be no holiday. If you exercise only once in a week your weight loss becomes ineffective. You will regain the fat lost by the end of the week. You will then have to start from square one anytime you go exercising.

For effective weight loss, exercise every day for up to 30 minutes. You will do better than the one who exercises for two hours only once a week.

Only one or two meals a day

Some people also eat only once or twice a day so they can lose weight. This is not any different from starving oneself. With time, your body tries to adjust to this new eating pattern.

To help you survive this period of starvation, two things are bound to happen. One, your body begins to breakdown and use food slowly. This is known as a slow metabolic rate. Initially, you may lose weight but after a few weeks you will stop losing it and then the weight starts increasing.

Secondly, you may find it very difficult to control your appetite for the greater part of the day. This sends you picking and nibbling. You ingest more calories and then your weight begins to go up again.

The secret to effective weight loss

If you lose weight the right way, you will get so used to the habits and lifestyle changes that make you lose weight.

These are the tools you need to keep the weight down for the rest of your life. So be bold and do things the right way.

God bless you!!!