Health benefits of agushi seeds

BY: eherb.com
Agushi seeds
Agushi seeds

Agushi plant is very popular with Africans, who make soup with the seeds. Agushi fruit is similar to watermelon but has white seeds. Unlike watermelon, the fruit is not edible, and quite bitter.

These seeds have a shell and are mostly flat and pointed at the tip. Seeds of agushi are high in protein, vitamins and minerals and are great source of edible oil for native Africans.

Provides essential amino acids

Amino acids, which are not readily available in the body like arginine and lysine, have to be obtained from other sources. Agushi seeds are a great source of these amino acids.

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Arginine helps in regulating metabolism and improves the cardiovascular system.

Lysine helps in the formation of collagen and connective tissues in the body.

Power packed with protein

Anyone, who is looking for a food source high in protein, must have these seeds in his or her diet, especially, people looking to build pure muscle like professional body builders.

Proteins are essential for the maintenance of muscles, and agushi seeds of around 100 grams contain about 30 grams of protein.

It is also low in calories. Hence, it is very good for those who are looking to shed some fat.

Protein deficiency diseases like marasmus and kwashiorkor can be cured by proper intake of these seeds.

Natural Multi-vitamin B supplement

These seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin B complex. These vitamins are essential for having good blood flow throughout the body, which ultimately helps keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

They also help in strengthening the immune system. Daily intake of these seeds is the equivalent to taking vitamin supplements.


Agushi helps in fighting against the signs of ageing like wrinkles, dark spots and dark circles. It contains anti-oxidants and Niacin, which makes skin healthy and young and helps, prevents ageing.

Consuming agushi seeds or applying agushi seed oil will help keep your skin healthy and glowing for a long time.