Short story: Ekoderous the hero

BY: Junior Graphic

Many years ago there lived a majestic creature in the eco system called Ekoderous.

No matter what he did, he was disliked by his fellow animals in the forest especially Snipe, Cirus the bird and Tigre the tiger.

These animals succeeded in making his life miserable in the kingdom. Unfortunately, he did not know the reason for the dislike for him. 

One day, Ekoderous was bullied by the three animals and this time it was so bad that he screamed in protest. Immediately he did so, Tigre asked him to leave.

He was filled with so much pain from the way the three animals treated him that he decided to go to a place to relieve himself of the pain he was feeling.

He went to sit at the waterfall which was in the forest and after viewing its beauty, he felt relieved. After sometime he decided to go back home.

As he was about to leave, memories of the painful incident that morning flooded back to him. He sadly walked away and quietly to his home.  On his way, he passed by a strange looking house. Not only did the house appear strange, it was also dilapidated with broken windows.

He heard a voice from one of the rooms.  He least expected someone to be in such a house so he ignored it but after few minutes he heard repeatedly: “I will kill all the animals in the forest, I will kill them”.  Ekoderous became suspicious.

He paused, listened to the voice again and then tried to find out who was in there. When he peeped through the broken window, there stood Snipe. He had succeeded in tying up Cirus and Tigre to a wall and threatened that he would kill them and all the animals in the forest so he can finally start his own Kingdom.

He told Cirus and Tigre that they had been a stumbling block  and that was why he had tied them up first so he could proceed with his agenda. 

As he continued to rant, Cirus and Tigre noticed Ekoderous but he told them to remain quiet. Ekoderous went around the building to look for a weapon to help him rescue Cirus and Tigre.

Fortunately, he found a knife. As he carried the knife to the room to rescue Cirus and Tigre, he continued to signal them to remain quite. Before Snipe got to know what was happening.  He fell on the floor after he had been stabbed by Ekoderous.

Quickly, Ekoderous untied Cirus and Tigre and they ran away from the scene to inform the other animals of Snipe’s evil intentions.

To their surprise when they got back home, all the animals had been locked up by Snipe. Cirus, Tigre and Ekoderous forced the door open and all the animals happily praised Ekoderous for saving them from the wicked and cunning Snipe.

If you wonder why the ecosystem is respected by birds and tigers, know that Ekoderous had something to do with it!

The moral lesson here is that we should know that in life we could be betrayed by anyone even if we think they are our closest friends or relatives.

Katherine Joy Adzo Dogbeda Trebarh,
British International School,