Poems: Mathematics

BY: Junior Graphic

Oh great mathematics

How wonderful you are

With your help a country can develop

And lack of your skills can lead to the under development of a country

With your knowledge problems could be solved

You are the key to success and the brain behind development

The leader of all subjects and the magnificent one

You are always involved in everything we do

People who think you are difficult always end up at the wrong side of the road

But those who love you, are always on track

•            •             •

Oh great mathematics

How wonderful you are

I just love the way you provide solutions to our problems

Your four sons: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are used more often in our lives

Misusing and misapplying them can cause confusion and misunderstandings

Oh great one

Leader of all subjects

Provider of solutions

Problem solver

And key to success

How wonderful you are.

Ekow Adom Hurson,
Cosmos International Basic School,