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E-mail from Sandra - HELP!

I don't know if this is happening to just me. Please if it applies to you too, kindly drop me a quick mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and make your confessions.

These days, bathing twice a day has become a tug of war. It's almost as if something just doesn't want me to do the "double do": if it happens in the mornings, it ain't happening in the evenings, and vice versa. What's all this?

To Japan and back (3)

Everything that has a beginning has an end. The “dinner of distress” finally ended with smiles and looks of contentment (some pretentious, as in my case) on the faces of all parties. Time was approximately 9:45 p.m.

As our hosts led us out of the plush eatery, they bade us goodbye, bowing as they did. My CEO and I bowed in return, and assured them of how much we looked forward to having another session of dinner with them.

To Japan and back…(2)

I hope your week has been wonderful so far. Well, I’m here to continue with my ordeal at the Japanese table. Hmm.

The table cleared, the Eel Chawanmushi followed. Eel? Of all fishes, eel? Those snake-like fishes with slender elongated bodies and poorly developed fins, proverbial for their slipperiness? Chaiiiii. Na ayiri paaaaaa.

Father's day
Father's day

Silent Celebrations

On which day will Fathers’ Day 2017 fall? Why am I even asking you this question when I have a calendar on my phone?

Excuse me a minute, let me check. Oooh, it’s passed already? Ooooooh, how did I miss the date? Did you miss it too?

human hair

What don’t you know?

HMMMMM. The past week and a half hasn’t been the same. Emotion-stricken, grief-incised mental wounds have continued to gape painfully in our hearts and minds. Agh, Major Mahama, safe journey to the land of peace and eternal life. You are indeed a hero. Hmm.

I know it’s a bit late in the day, but let me still take this opportunity to wish well, all BECE candidates. You have done your bit, God will do the rest. Finish haaaaaaaaarrrrrd!

Let me try to spin the yarn of the day. My search for doughnut recipes have led me to a serious discovery. At a point, I wished I hadn’t researched at all. But all the same, it’s good I did.

relationship on phone
relationship on phone

Free thine Crotch

Do you overly admire the display pictures of people on their WhatsApp pages? Hm! A gentleman I know, Yaw, is so disappointed; he’s broken his own heart.

He told me a few days ago that a friend of his had added him to a WhatsApp group.  He seemed very excited about the group.  He would forward insightful posts from that particular platform to me and tell me about his new friends etc.


Oh I have missed you so much, it hurts.  There is so much to tell you, I don’t know where to start from.  But I had to definitely go off for a few weeks.  The doctor had advised; heeding was for me to do.Huh, I didn’t want anyone to know this, but you, I can trust:  Obodai has for the third time put me in a family way and “merhn”, I don’t know if to blame it on my aging waist … but this time around, I really feel hassled and harassed by the condition.

I can’t believe the much-awaited Valentine’s Day celebrations have come and gone
I can’t believe the much-awaited Valentine’s Day celebrations have come and gone

Dashed Hopes

I can’t believe the much-awaited Valentine’s Day celebrations have come and gone. It hasn’t just gone; it’s left so much agony in the hearts of people whose expectations from their lovers weren’t met.

Posting of National service personnel
Posting of National service personnel

National Service

I never knew it had the ability to stand in the way of one’s career; I didn’t know it was this important.  National Service!  I detested it with a passion. But … I have suddenly become its self-styled advocate.


My Sobolo

I have been very sullen virtually this whole week.  Truly, I am perturbed.  You see, they told me fizzy drinks weren’t good; I absolutely halted their consumption.  They convinced me that those in packs, claiming to be pure juice, weren’t what they seemed to be.

Adama Barrow, Gambia’s President-elect
Adama Barrow, Gambia’s President-elect

Come Home

Can anyone tell me how to comfort a Ghanaian mother whose first son lives and works in The Gambia?  My elderly friend, who I fellowship with, has been mourning over her son for the past week.

Between Odorkor and Mankessim

“AJIIII … ajiii … ajiii,” I yelled as the youthful mate crushed my toe with his stiletto. He was hopping out of the Benz Bus as I tried to climb on to same.  

Partial solar eclipse


I can’t wait to take memorable photos tomorrow. I am told there's going to be a partial solar eclipse in the country. 

Women and church

Women and church

Somtimes, I sit back and ask myself, what at all do women want or need from the Lord?  Could it be that women have a craving for their Maker than men? 

Guard your coasts

Agh!!  As soon as I sat behind this desk to type you a story, Lucy’s call came through.  I thought she was in some kind of trouble when I picked the call.  She sounded so morose and broken in her spirit.  “Ablah, Ablah I feel like dying.  I feel like killing myself, ”she threatened. “Are you home?  Where is Frank?  Are the children okay?  Is your home flooded again,” my questions dispensed simultaneously.  I was damn scared.

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