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E-mail from Sandra - HELP!

E-mail from Sandra - HELP!

I don't know if this is happening to just me. Please if it applies to you too, kindly drop me a quick mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and make your confessions.

These days, bathing twice a day has become a tug of war. It's almost as if something just doesn't want me to do the "double do": if it happens in the mornings, it ain't happening in the evenings, and vice versa. What's all this?

Fine, I know pregnant women go through all sorts of cycles and experiences. But this too? Where is it coming from? Eh? It bothers me, I can't lie.

I have thought and thought of how to get over this sudden change in habit but I’m still not seeing any improvement. It's really taking a toll on my relationship with Obodai. You see, I was the one who educated him on the need for the "twice or more a day" deal.

In fact, I taught him that depending on how the tropical temperatures swung, it was necessary to do not less than twice each day. Meaning, in between the morning and evening bit, he could feel free to add on extra baths.

Huh, I remember how I'd drive him out of our bed (during our early days of marriage), march him to the bathroom, and literally pour water on him. There were times he would only agree to bath in the evenings on one condition--- that I bath him.

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Sometimes I'd reluctantly oblige and freshen him up because lying next to a sweaty or "sticky-skin" is something I loath. Other times too I'd willingly give him a good warm bath because of certain attached incentives he might have professed or promised through his good deeds.

Mmm I know what you're thinking. I can hear your saying, "Ablah is a bad girl". Hoooooooh, I am hooting at you. It's not the kind of incentive you're thinking about at all. Wink wink.
With time, my "prince" frustratingly bought into my doctrine and on his own accord, religiously took to the multiple bathing.

Hmm, I grew up in a home where one's surety of partaking in an evening meal was all dependent on whether or not one had bathed.

"The essence of freshening up to reveal freshness in one's pores via each scrubbing is a great exercise", my mother would say. But here I am, wallowing in the "contrary". Hmmmmm. Or is it the change in weather that's making me go through this trial? No. I don't think so. I've experienced colder temperatures in the past. That wasn't my story. Oh why? Why me?

Initially when the challenge started, I'd manage to wash my feet and face, and hop into bed after I got home from work. Then it graduated to feet washing only; no face cleaning. For the past week, even the feet washing has become a big wahala. Obodai has since instituted a "no bathing, no sleeping on the bed" policy.

It's really taking a toll on me because lying in the sofa in our living room makes my back ache in the mornings.

Oh who will redeem me from this hygiene turmoil? Is there an antidote to this? Or can I have someone tell Obodai to mercifully allow me in the room at night. My back aches oo it aches. I know that considering my present condition, sofa-sleeping isn't the best option, I need to change. But how?

Even my four year old Naa Atswei has noticed my reluctance to do the needful. Yesterday she refused to take her bath after school. She looked innocently into my face and asked in her baby voice, " mummy, why do you like bathing Nii and I but as for you, you don't". Hm, kids of today.

There was no way I could have asked my mother such a question as a child. Her facial expression alone would have muted me for the rest of my formative years.

Naa's observation awed me. With no ready answer to give, I brushed her query off and rather asked her to recite the memory verse she learnt at Sunday School last week.

Pursing her dainty lips, she, with her right hand? brushed some water from her wet face and said draggingly, "James 4:17: Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."
The scripture cut through my heart so sharply, tears almost welled up in my eyes. I felt so guilty for knowing the right thing and not pursuing it.

I need help. I really do. That I was able to pass through the market quickly after work yesterday to shop, but couldn't take a bath before retiring to bed should tell you how bad the situation has become. There were many buyers at the market, some meandering their way through the human traffic; others literally shoved their way through, thereby rubbing themselves on other shoppers. I'd had a rub-on experience whilst there. So then why didn't I bath?

This isn't funny at all. Please email your solutions if you have any. I cannot continue to sleep in the sofa. Have a great weekend.

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