Trust Hospital automates laboratory services

BY: News Desk

Trust Hospital Limited has embarked on a journey to automate all of its clinical laboratory services.

The hospital has therefore recently set up a micro biology laboratory which is fully automated.

Speaking at the opening of the lab, the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, ??, said the new laboratory would enhance the work of the hospital in the area of clinical diagnosis.

She said sometimes patients have certain diagnosis that were not easily ascertained, it carries out some further investigations in the laboratory.

“And up to this point, we have been doing a lot of these things manually and we all know the difficulties in manual processes. Sometimes its prone to error and variations among others.

“The Head of the laboratory therefore brought up the idea that we need to automate and move into the future in order to be 100 per cent sure of the results that come out,” she explained.

She said the establishment of the automated laboratory was a landmark for the hospital in the area of clinical diagnostics, adding that this would make its diagnosis more accurate and further indicate which medications to use against certain micro organisms.

“It will increase the accuracy of what we do. It’s the first for us as an organisation and it marks the beginning of increased automation in our laboratory services. We already do a lot of automation but I am excited about this because it changes the way we even prescribe medications,” she stated.

The CEO also pointed out that the hospital had also procured a bio safety cabinet which was very essential to improve the safety of the laboratory and the staff.

“We hope to get bio safety cabinets in all our laboratories. We also want to increasingly automate other processes. We may also need to upgrade some of our analysers and to be abreast with the latest technology,” she noted.