Graphic & Accra Brewery PLC commit to strengthening partnership

BY: Kweku Zurek
The GCGL Managing Director, Mr Ato Afful (far right) bumping fists with the Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead of ABL, Mr Solomon Ayiah. With them is ABL Legal Consul, Madam Phyllis Amo-Quaye.
The GCGL Managing Director, Mr Ato Afful (far right) bumping fists with the Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead of ABL, Mr Solomon Ayiah. With them is ABL Legal Consul, Madam Phyllis Amo-Quaye.

The Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) and the Accra Brewery PLC have committed to strengthening the strategic partnership between the two companies and collaborating on more projects in the future.

In that regard, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead of ABL, Mr Solomon Ayiah expressed hope that the two companies who are neighbours on the Graphic Road in Accra would work on a flagship community project as part of ABL's 90th anniversary.

This was made known when a delegation from ABL which included Legal Counsel, Madam Phyllis Amo-Quaye and Legal Assistant, Madam Linda Thompson paid a courtesy call on the GCGL Managing Director, Mr Ato Afful yesterday in Accra.

According to Mr Ayiah, although the longstanding partnership was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and certain operational issues at ABL, the two companies must now take their relationship to the next level.

He said the courtesy call, his first since taking office this year forms part of efforts to engage with stakeholders of the company.

"I have been briefed about the wonderful work that ABL has done with Graphic. This is something that we want to deepen and take to the next level because we all know how strategic Graphic is," Mr Ayiah said.

ABL 90th anniversary celebrations

In a meeting with the GCGL team which included the Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr Kobby Asmah, the Director, Sales & Marketing, Mr Franklin Sowa and the Corporate Communications Manager, Mr Emmanuel Agyei Arthur, Mr Ayiah said the company was planning a flagship community project to mark its 90th anniversary.

"As you may be aware, it's our 90th anniversary this year but unfortunately, most of our plans have been dwarfed by the almighty COVID-19, so we have kept it on the low-key but before the year ends you will see all the things that we will like to do," he said.

"We know that previously we have partnered extremely well with Graphic on a number of activations and this is something that we believe we can take to the next level.

"Our management team is also optimistic about what we can do with Graphic and our objective is to do something significant because it marks our anniversary, something we call a flagship community project that can withstand the test of time. We want Ghanaians to be able to pinpoint to a project that affects lives, that we can all say as Ghanaians that this something that Accra Brewery has done".

Long-lasting partnerships

On his part, Mr Afful said the GCGL has a responsibility to unite the nation in terms of shared experiences with factual information and was interested in creating value relationships through partnerships that withstand the test of time.

"For us (GCGL and ABL), even by geography we are linked through structure, through borders and that is the kind of relationship that we have been enjoying," Mr Afful said.

He also mentioned that the GCGL uses its brands namely; Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Graphic Sports, Graphic Showbiz, Graphic Business, Graphic Online and the Graphic New Plus to engage with its audiences.

"We believe in building brands, we are a brand-building organisation. Graphic, in as much as it's a media company, it is a marketing-oriented company... We also have brands of our own and we also value creating ongoing engagements with our audience-member networks".

Past partnerships

On his part, Mr Sowa stated that the two companies had in the past collaborated on several events and projects including the Graphic Business Sense Challenge and the Junior Graphic Essay Competition.

He also urged ABL to take advantage of GCGL services including the Graphic Clinic and MedGraph Pharmacy as well as  product activation opportunities associated with GCGL events which receive wide multimedia news coverage

Mr Sowa said the company was also open to collaborating with ABL on its 90th-anniversary celebration.


Mr Asmah said it was always exciting when two giants collaborated on projects that benefit the nation.

He said the time was right for the two companies to work towards achieving mutually beneficial goals.

"There are so many things that I believe that GCGL and ABL when we work together we can achieve. I don't think we have done that enough, this is the time for us to deepen whatever we must do," Mr Asmah said.

He also called for the two companies to strengthen the relationships between their staff, mentioning that in the past workers of both companies marched together during the May Day parade.