Work hard to win 2016 polls - CPP urged

BY: Samuel K. Obour

Samia Nkrumah, CPP ChairmanA sympathiser of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has called on party supporters, admirers and sympathisers to work hard to ensure that the CPP wins political power in 2016.

The 75-year-old CPP sympathiser, Opanin Samuel Adae-Amoako, said efforts by the CPP to win the Kumbungu by-election was a true demonstration that the CPP could work in togetherness and go places.

According to Adae-Amoako, history was repeating itself with the Kumbungu victory and recalled that when the CPP was overthrown in 1966, the party was banned for 10 years, but when nobody dreamt the party was going to survive when the ban was lifted, the party, through its political campaign strategies, managed to win the 1979 elections by a landslide and came back to political power.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic in Kumasi at the weekend, Opanin Adae-Amoako, who was the National Organiser of the erstwhile People’s National Party (PNP) headed by Dr Hilla Limann, noted that people from the other political divide described Nkrumah as a dictator and said, “Nkrumah was rather a benevolent dictator who believed in let us create and share principle. You couldn’t help him to create, how does he share with you.

Furthermore, he said, Nkrumah was in for the down-trodden and the vulnerable in the society and was also development-oriented.

He said it was during the reign of Kwame Nkrumah that many factories and industries were established in the country.

He added that it was during his time the Bui Dam project was started in addition to the Akosombo Dam, to harness industrialisation, which, he said, was a pivot for accelerated development.

He noted that when Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966, the Bui Dam idea was abandoned and praised former President JA Kufuor for reactivating it. He also lauded the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for working hard to complete the project.

Opanin Adae-Amoako emphasised that the time was ripe for those who believed in the principles and aspirations of Nkrumah to rally solidly behind the current CPP chairman, Samia Nkrumah, whom he described as “God-given”.

When asked for his comment on the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU) now African Union ((AU), Mr Adae-Amoako said people in Africa never believed in Nkrumah’s sayings that unity and coming together should be the only panacea to save the continent of Africa.