Nsawam spiritualists say Castro not dead

BY: Kofi Yeboah

Any hope of survival may have faded for popular hiplife artiste, Castro, almost one week after going missing while cruising on a jet ski at the Volta Estuary at Ada Foah, but some spiritualists in Nsawam say he may be alive.

In fact, after they had engaged in spiritual consultation in the presence of the Daily Graphic, one of the spiritualists was emphatic: “Castro is alive!”

Osofo Susu could, however, not determine the fate of Janet Bandu, the lady with whom Castro got missing at the Volta Estuary last Sunday.

The spiritualists, numbering about 10, said they could not do anything about the fate of Castro and Bandu unless the families of the two had carried out the necessary consultations for certain rites to be performed.

Mystery and spirituality

The circumstances under which Castro, privately known as Theophilus Tagoe, and his lady companion went missing at the Volta Estuary have been a mystery yet to be unravelled, as rescuers continue a ‘search-and-retrieve’ operation at the estuary, while spiritualists have waded into the fray and the media explore various avenues for possible answers.

Nsawam is renowned as the home of powerful spiritualists and when the Daily Graphic visited Ntoaso, near Nsawam, yesterday, many of the spiritualists were ready to provide some clues.

All that Osofo Susu required was Castro’s name, with which he engaged in a spiritual consultation for about three minutes, as he chanted some inaudible words and rolled a talisman in his hand.

The outcome may be a piece of good news that will soothe the hearts of distraught family members and friends of Castro and Bandu.

“Castro is not dead,” he declared, adding that the hiplife artiste, also known as “Castro under fire”, was living under water with the spirits.

Osofo Susu repeated the consultation ritual for Bandu but the feedback, that time, was not encouraging — he could not establish contact with Bandu. 


Another spiritualist, Torgbi Agbodeka, said he could also use Castro and Bandu’s pictures for spiritual consultation to determine whether they were alive or dead.

“If I get his pictures, I can call his spirit and speak to him,” he remarked.

He said it was possible that the two persons were alive, adding that there was the need to perform some rites to establish that possibility and retrieve them from the spiritual underworld.

According to Torgbi Agbodeka, there were many people who had experienced similar fates and gone missing for about three months before returning to the land of the living.

The possibilities

For his part, Torgbi Adenyo, who is the President of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association, said the question whether Castro and Janet were dead could only be answered through spiritual consultation.

He, however, noted that nothing could be done without the involvement of the families of the two missing persons.

Torgbi Adenyo outlined a number of possibilities in the spiritual realm that might explain such mysterious circumstances.

First, if a couple consulted a spiritualist for a child and they failed to perform the necessary thanksgiving rites, the spirit who gave out the child could come for it.

Second, if a person consulted a spiritualist for intervention in his or her enterprise or endeavour but failed to perform the necessary thanksgiving rites, he or she could suffer a similar fate.

Third, the spirits might desire to have a person as a friend and so they could come and take that person away under such mysterious circumstances.

Personal experience

Torgbi Adenyo related a personal experience of how he was possessed by the spirits while teaching in a school at Akabu, a town in Togo, and taken under the River Akaba nearby.

He said his younger brother also had many experiences with the spirits, who carried him under the sea for many days before releasing him.


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