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Make a statement with cocktail rings

Make a statement with cocktail rings

Rings have a special importance. This is why you find some ladies showing off their promissory, engagement or wedding rings and fancy rings.

They are statement-making fashion accessories that people love to have. There are people who simply don't fancy rings because they are allergic to certain metals or plastic.

If you don't find yourself in the above category and want some rings, then you need to go in for the gaudy types which are known as cocktail rings.

A cocktail ring is a piece of jewellery that is larger than normal rings and is designed to attract attention with its size and colours.

These rings usually have an oversized centre stone or a lot of small stones in their settings.
They can be worn on any of your fingers; however, most ring lovers love to wear their rings on the index finger, thumb or little finger.

Typically, royal crests and large stones are worn on the index finger to draw people's attention.
Some people believe that it is a sign of wealth in some cultures.

When it comes to cocktail rings, you are spoilt with choice. If you have enough to spend, you can go in for those made with pure diamonds, gold, gemstones, platinum or sliver.
If you can't go in for the expensive ones, there are several fancy ones to go for. They are equally attractive, stylish, colourful and affordable.

You can have a number of cocktail rings to match your outfits when you are going out for an event or work.

One important rule about wearing cocktail ring is that you don't have to wear too many rings on one hand. Balance them evenly, so you don't wear, for instance, three rings on one hand and none on the other.



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