Pay Day at Electrochem
Pay Day at Electrochem

Pay Day at Electrochem

Conspicuously, there is one sensitive issue that most employers are guilty of.

That, in our view, is one of the frustrating factors responsible for corruption within the space of work environments in Ghana.

It is the same cause that creates tensions and contentions between the employer and the employee.

That industrial deficiency, which is the neglect of employees and their welfare on the part of certain employers has actually resulted in the collapse of many businesses.

Most people see underpayment as an act of cheating and a denial of workers' right, and workers who feel that cheated usually develop some resentment against their employers. Such negative feelings may invariably culminate also in workers' mediocrity and apathy towards work which may eventually affect productivity.

Even without the existence of certain work conditions such as access to health, loan, rent, and insurance facilities among others, if workers are well paid, they will be well positioned to manage most of the above-mentioned conditions.

A worker once lamented: "Our boss is very wicked. Out of our hard work, he has been able to build many houses while we are struggling to pay for the rent of a single room."

He added: "They live in luxury while our annual salary cannot buy us a plot of land."

Those are some of the sad comments by workers who feel incensed as a result of their hirers' stingy demeanour.

What do you think may be the attitude of this disgruntled and begrudging employee?

Gratifyingly, same cannot be said of the CEO of Electrochem Ghana Limited, McDaniel Makorley alias McDan about his attitude towards the staff of the company in Ada.

For the peace, progress and prosperity of Ada, the CEO of Electrochem made a profound decision for his staff to find happiness in their own homes and personal relationships and for them to become contributing members of the community.

His decision is to sufficiently remunerate all his staff as a way of compensation to help them make good the financial losses of the past and the long suffering they may have been experiencing.

In Ghana, most organisations ordinarily pay their drivers between the average amount of GH¢800 and GH¢1,200.

But an average driver at Electrochem is receiving GH¢2,500 per month. Against the norm, the CEO. of Electrochem never laid off the old staff at Songhor when he took over the company.

Instead, he maintained the old staff and increased their monthly income. Again, to demonstrate his good intentions for the people of Ada, the CEO resolved to pay labourers GH¢1,800, and GH¢2.50, instead of the previous GH¢1.00 per bag, to the casual workers who assist in carrying bags of salt from one point to another.

Formerly, workers had to go through the ordeal of waiting for a very long time to receive payments for the salt supplied because their salt was usually bought on credit and were paid after their product had been resold.

The writer is a member of the Ga Royal Stool and a social commentator

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