Use right means to stardom—Osoode

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Osoode talks on stardom
Actor Osoode

Veteran Kumawood actor Richard Sarkodie, popularly known as Osoode Body Tilapia, has called on young people especially females using all kinds of means to attain stardom to stop and do things the right way.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Osoode bemoaned the practice where young girls offer sex for roles or undermine others just to get roles.

“This is rather unfortunate, what is the guarantee that when you give yourself to a producer you will become a star? Or when you go gossiping about others to the producer you will suddenly become a star?

“Stardom doesn’t come in a day; it is years of commitment and hard work. Let’s use our talents to translate into cash and stop thinking of silly means to get there.

“From a distance, one sees acting differently but when you get into it, then you see the reality. People often see actors as liars and people who live immoral lives but that is not the situation.

"As an up and coming actor what are you bringing on board? Come with a good mind, if you want to succeed,” he said.

Osoode worked as a Production Manager for about six years before going into mainstream acting some 12 years ago.

“I worked with Samdackus Initiatives as a production manager before going into full time acting. I realised that the applause always goes to the actors because they are the ones people are seen on people’s screens while we do the dirty work.

“Even though as a production manager I was paid more than the actors, I didn’t mind leaving it all behind to become an actor,” he said.

Some of the popular movies Osoode has starred in include Pashew, Bayi Kwasea, Money Police, Edi Bidew, Odo Ye Balancing and Adifode.

He has also acted with the likes of Nana Ama McBrown, Vivian Jill, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Kwaku Manu, Bill Asamoah, Papa Kumasi, among many others.

Osoode also has his own production house where he mainly shoots TV commercials and he stated that it was very profitable.

Comparing the days when he started acting to now, this is what Osoode had to say: “In the past, we shot movies on CDs, gave it to marketers and in a maximum of two months, one would get results and get his pocket money but now everything is on YouTube, it is all Internet based now,” he said.

“Now actors have become presenters because there are no jobs for them to do, that is the situation we find ourselves in currently,” he said.

That notwithstanding, Osoode said if he was to come back in another life he would still choose to be an actor.

“I will still choose acting because the benefits outweigh the challenges and I have no regrets going into acting,” he stated.

He, however, outlined some challenges that come with his profession. “Everyone thinks you have money and all family members depend on you. Your whole lifestyle changes and you need to become polished.

“When you go for funerals you are expected to give huge donations. Even people on the street ask you for money,” he said.