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Don't leave your job because of marriage –Ohemaa Woyeje advises women
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Don't leave your job because of marriage –Ohemaa Woyeje advises women

RENOWNED Ghanaian media personality and Disc Jockey (DJ) Ohemaa Woyeje loves her job, and she loves being married too. However, if she ever finds herself between the devil and the deep blue sea and has to decide between the two, there is no doubt she will choose her career over marriage.


She held that there is a trend where some women become less competitive and productive after getting married and taking up parental roles. According to her, it was time, they rose above that norm.

Although she acknowledged the challenges that come with being a married and career woman, the mother of two and current host of Y’adwuma Nie on Angel FM told Graphic Showbiz in an exclusive interview that she still does not think a woman should quit her hard-fought career after tying the knot, especially just to please her husband.

According to her, marriage was just one aspect of a woman’s life and that should not hinder career growth and personal development.

“Women could thrive with the right support system, even after getting married, and must not see marriage as a limitation to what they can offer. Some women quit their jobs after getting married, and others become less competitive after childbirth, but they must rise above that.

“We must not limit our abilities because of conflicting roles. We could equally utilise the right support systems that can keep us going while taking full responsibility for all aspects of our lives. It’s difficult doing so many different things at the same time, but with determination, you can manage to find your way in outlining your schedules properly to fulfil your passion and meet all tasks,” she added.

Recalling her down moments in the media space, Ohemaa Woyeje recounted a pivotal moment during her pregnancy when her job description was changed without her being consulted, leading to frustration and ultimately resignation from her job. 

Despite the setbacks, she remained resolute, highlighting her determination to balance her passion for her career with her role as a wife and an expectant mother.

“My deepest woes in the media field started when I was three months pregnant with my first child. I went through a lot of frustrations when my manager, without prior consultation, changed my job description and moved me from a presenter to a fieldwork indefinitely.

“I fought the situation but I was offered no hearing by all the authorities I officially reported to until my lawyers assisted me to resign,” she recounted.

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