Green energy, AI, gaming, driving project management growth

Green energy, AI, gaming, driving project management growth

Project Management Institute, the leading authority in project management committed to advancing the profession, released its latest Job Trends 2024 Report today, identifying three major trends likely to influence project management job creation in the region. 


The report identifies infrastructure, energy, and IT as some of the leading sectors with opportunities for project managers. 

Amidst the backdrop of burgeoning sectors like green energy, gaming, and AI, in sub-Saharan Africa, the need for project management expertise becomes increasingly vital. 

These industries, fuelled by Africa's renewable energy potential and technological advancements, present abundant opportunities for project professionals adept in people management, stakeholder engagement, budgeting, and resource management.

According to George Asamani, MD, PMI, Sub-Saharan Africa, economic reforms are catalysing energy, infrastructure, and trade initiatives, stimulating project activity across the region. 

"The International Monetary Fund forecasts that nearly 80% of countries in the region will post higher GDP growth. We anticipate these developments will translate into new job opportunities. However, filling these positions might be challenging due to a shortage of certified project managers.” 

The International Energy Agency's Net Zero by 2050 initiative forecasts the creation of 14 million new jobs in the clean energy sector, alongside a need to train 16 million workers for new roles in the burgeoning industry. South Africa's Just Energy Transition Investment Plan presents a promising framework for navigating this transition. It allocates $151 million toward reskilling programmes. 

"It's imperative to acknowledge that the Net Zero target year is 2050 and cannot be extended. This underscores the urgency of meeting the over 400 milestones across all sectors and technologies. It's a clarion call for professional organisations like ours to collaborate with industry and government to upskill and reskill workers, ensuring no one is left behind. As projects expand in size and complexity, the demand for proficient project management skills will only intensify," emphasises Asamani.

Among the significant findings in the report, AI is viewed as having the most decisive influence on revolutionising work processes and reshaping career perceptions, with 91% of respondents anticipating at least a moderate impact on the project management profession. 

The report suggests that GenAI is set to redefine project delivery methodologies, with 82% of senior leaders affirming its significance in the foreseeable future.

The report highlights the transformative impact of advancing technologies like AI on the project management landscape. Consequently, project professionals with the drive to succeed, are adaptable to new ways of working, and invest in continuous learning, are best positioned to thrive and leverage opportunities in an ever-competitive labour market.

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the global regions seeing a massive uptick in smartphone adoption and is expected to reach 87% by 2030, up from 51% in 2022, according to the Global System Operators and Manufacturers Association. By 2030, sub-Saharan Africa and India will account for nearly half of the world's new mobile subscribers.

With the surge in smartphone adoption and investment interest from venture capital firms such as Bitkraft and Sony, the region is one of the gaming industry's fastest-growing markets. For project talent, this presents abundant opportunities. 

With a young population averaging about 19, the gaming community in Africa has more than doubled to 186 million in just five years. South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, 
Kenya, and Ethiopia are the continent's biggest gaming markets. Carry1st predicts that the regional gaming market will surpass the $1 billion mark in 2024.

"Our Talent Gap 2021 Report foresaw a surge in opportunities for project managers, and our latest findings affirm this trend, particularly within emerging sectors such as green energy, gaming, and AI. 

As these industries continue to flourish, certified project professionals can expect ample chances for growth and advancement in the years ahead. However, seizing them will require a commitment to career-long learning," says Asamani in conclusion.  

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