Speak your English but allow other languages – Akua Donkor’s running mate

BY: Isaac Yeboah
Mrs Patricia Asante

Mrs Patricia Asante, the newly named running mate of Madam Akua Donkor, founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) says the lack of formal education should not be a barrier to anybody’s dreams.

Life, she says, has many roles for everybody, explaining that whether one went to school or not, it is not fair to insist that a Ghanaian should speak and write English as a requirement for appointment into public office.

The 32-year-old Mrs Asante was speaking on Montie FM Tuesday morning to acknowledge her new appointment and to speak of what vision she has for the nation. She says her new role is a great honour, coming from a farmer without formal education but able enough to build a political party to rally the people for development.

She said it is not profitable for anyone to give up the pursuit of their dreams just because they cannot speak English, pointing out also that there are many who can champion the development of their localities if elected to parliament, however these people are ignored for their lack of formal education.

Mrs Asante, sounding as quintessential a politician as her mentor and apparently also steeped in colloquialism, said the GFP stands for women, farmers and the unlettered.

Married with four daughters, Mrs Asante also known as Yaa Asante is a junior high school graduate who has been farming for the past six years.

By all means speak your English language, but allow others who cannot speak English to express themselves in local language and lead development efforts. The English language is a foreign language that is learned. Am I any less a person because I cannot speak English? She quipped.

The Electoral Commission is in the process of vetting the nominations of about 17 persons who seek to run for the presidency, and Mrs Asante says she would really be surprised if Madam Akua Donkor is disqualified on the basis of her educational status.

The GFP would soon outdoor its campaign manifesto, she disclosed, saying that is when she would be able to speak to questions on the party’s vision and plans for the country.

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