Look forward to development at Mion: Ibrahim Tanko assures constituents

BY: Abdul Aziz
Prince Ibrahim Tanko

A National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary aspirant for the Mion Constituency, Mr Ibrahim Tanko, has enjoined his constituents to elect a person with proven track record and credentials as their parliamentary candidate for the 2016 Election.

‘’This time the NDC primaries set for November 7, 2015 must be based on the track records of the aspirants and not on monetary considerations,” Mr Tanko pointed out.

In an interaction with the Daily Graphic, Mr Tanko, who is one of seven aspirants contesting the Mion constituency parliamentary primary of the NDC, asked delegates to be mindful of monetary inducements and vote for people who would not abandon them in time of need.


Seven contestants

Mr Tanko said he was unfazed that he was facing competition from six aspirants who included the incumbent Member of Parliament for Mion, Dr Ahmed Yakubu.

The rest are Mohamed Abdul Aziz, Abdul Jalil, P. M.  Adam, Mukaila Zakaria and Dr Mawia Zakaria

Prince Tanko said this is not the first time he has put his job on the line for the people of Mion.

He said in 2011 he left a well-paid job when his constituents invited him to serve them. Similarly, he said that recently he also left another high-paying job to serve the constituents.

According to Mr Ibrahim, when he left school in the 80s  and teachers were refusing posting to the rural areas because of lack of social amenities, he sacrificed to teach in three villages free of charge for more than three years.

He said these sacrifices he made to the people of Mion had endeared him to constituents.

He stressed that voting for him is voting for the development of Mion since his motto is: ‘’Change for Development.”

Selfless leader

He said Mion needed a new leader who was selfless, caring, a listener and above all, a leader who thought about them.

Mr Ibrahim said comparing it to other constituencies, Mion was the most deprived in that part of the country.

He, therefore, called on the youth to be focussed and not think of what monetary gains they get today but should think of who can help to build Mion.

He said they should, therefore, vote for a candidate who was strong, vibrant, and one who could speak and also represent them effectively.

He said to help stop the rural urban drift of the youth, especially the kayayei, he bought some sewing machines for them to learn to sew  to help keep them from drifting to the urban areas in search of menial jobs.

Finally, Mr Ibrahim said he had also assisted some students who had difficulty paying their school fees to enable them to pay them.