Finals of Twellium Annual National Quran recitation competition announced

BY: Mohammed Ali

The Twellium Foundation in collaboration with the national office of the Ahlu's-Sunnah wa'l-Jama'a (ASWAJ) will on Saturday, May 25, host finals of the second edition of the National Quran recitation competition at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The two-day event will test 50 finalists drawn across the country on both memorisation (Hifz) and recitation(Qiraat) of the complete Quran while the ultimate category will test the intellect of contestants in interpretation and commentary/Tafseer aspects.

The ultimate winner of the competition will receive a paid trip to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage while other winners walk away with laptops, iPads and other souvenirs from sponsors.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage Muslims to learn and memorise the Quran and apply the knowledge and lessons of the passages to their lives.

To kickstart the competition the organisers paid a visit to three eminent Muslim personalities in the country to seek their blessings and endorsement for the event.

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These were the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Imam of ASWAJ, Sheikh Umar Ibrahim and Chairman of the Hajj Board, Sheikh I.C. Quaye where the organisers donated bottled drinking water and assorted drinks from the company.

The organisers made their first stop at the residence of the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu who thanked them for the initiative and called on all Ghanaians to support it.

Speaking on behalf of National Chief Imam, a member of his advisory board, Dr Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq said the gesture was highly appreciated and used the occasion to caution Ghanaians to adequately prepare for the raining season especially in areas that are high risked to flooding.

He said the raining season usually wreaks havoc on homes and admonished them to adhere to proper sanitation and waste management practices which affect the extent of damage caused by the floods.

He also advised Ghanaians to change their attitude towards the environment and appealed to all stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the perennial flooding.

At the residence of the National Imam of ASWAJ Sheikh Umar Ibrahim, he prayed for the continuous success of the company and expressed gratitude on behalf of Muslims for supporting Islamic programmes.

According to him, one of the crucial issues the Muslim community needs to tackle was education and self-sufficiency and believes that it is the most ideal path to development.

He said Muslims must draw inspiration and motivation from the Quran which emphasises on the acquisition of knowledge appealed to all well-meaning Muslims to invest in activities that will make Muslims self-sufficient.

Sheikh Umar Ibrahim expressed optimism that the competition would help Muslims know more about their faith while the contestants eventually become worthy ambassadors of Islam throughout the country and the world.

For the Chairman of the Hajj Board, Sheikh I.C. Quaye the event happening during the month of Ramadan was a sign of blessings and expressed gratitude to the organizers for the support.

According to him, the month of Ramadan was a time to get closer to the Quran and an opportunity to support vulnerable and poor people.

He advised the Muslim youth to use the holy month to transform their lives by breaking away from certain bad habits that threaten their physical and spiritual growth and rather engage in fruitful endeavors that will promote the development of the country.

Mustapha Anass, Head of projects and events at Twellium industries described the competition as the bonding agent for all Muslims in the country.

He said as part of the company's corporate social responsibility, the competition seeks to inculcate the habit of reading into the general Muslim population and strengthen their faith in Allah.

Mr Anass explained that the contest is not just about memorisation but the development of spirituality and commitment of contestants to the Quran which remains paramount in the competition.

He added that the competition was not only an opportunity for contestants to develop their recitation skills and increase their knowledge of the Quran but a viable way of learning the teachings of the Islamic faith.