Be innovative, ethical - GIL Director advises staff

BY: Education Desk Report
Dr Samson Dodzi Fenuku — Director of Ghana Institute of Languages
Dr Samson Dodzi Fenuku — Director of Ghana Institute of Languages

The Director of the Ghana Institute of Languages, a constituent institute of the University of Media Arts and Communication (UMAC),  Dr Samson Dodzi Fenuku, has challenged newly recruited staff to be innovative and productive while upholding the ethics of the teaching profession and administration.

According to him, the institute's mandate was to teach both local and foreign languages as well as advise government on language policies in order to be connected to the globe.

Dr Fenuku threw the challenge during an orientation programme for recently recruited staff to augment teaching and learning. He urged the staff to work hard in all their endeavours to train the needed human resources for the socio-economic development of the country.

"As a team, we have limitless potential in terms of the impact we make on our students and on society. There is no way the institute can advance to the highest ideals of what a public institution of higher learning should be without the help of its staff it all begins with the human resource," he said.


Dr Fenuku again advised the staff to abide by the rules, regulations and ethics of the institute to help achieve its mandate and vision.

He congratulated the new appointees and acknowledged the contribution they would make towards achieving the institute’s mandate.

The director, however, cautioned the new appointees about the consequences in case of a breach of ethics and culture of the institute.

The director further urged the new staff to have a firm grasp of the basics of work and be aware of the general duties in order to offer meaningful contributions in the course of their duty.

“After the human resource, rules define the culture of the institution, therefore, every staff is expected to obey them accordingly. In any case of violation, our ethics and culture will be diminished and anyone found guilty of this will have to face the full rigours of the law governing the Institute,” he said.

Dr Fenuku advised the fresh appointees to seize every opportunity to upgrade themselves with new skills to excel in their new role.