Fixing your home spa

BY: Raphael Langdon
The activity of sweating, and opening of the pores helps to eliminate toxins and impurities through the pores.
The activity of sweating, and opening of the pores helps to eliminate toxins and impurities through the pores.

Why would someone fix a spa at home? A home spa is all about therapies. It is about the pampering and the feeling of comfort that makes the home spa a health and wellness part of the home. 

Several therapies can be considered or probably combined when creating your home spa. 

We will take a look at five of such: water therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, chromo therapy and thermo therapy. 

One of the simplest therapies to consider when creating a home spa is water therapy. It ranges from the usual soaking in a normal bathtub to sitting in the latest hi-tech air-jet spa, shower cubicles or baths. 

Acquiring a whirlpool tub or one of the air-jet baths, gives you the benefit of a relaxing massage for your body from the therapeutic qualities of water. 

By taking time to relax your mind and body, you provide healthful benefits to yourself. Pampering yourself this way is not necessarily selfish. 

Your well-being, your stress-free feeling affects everyone around you. In fact you do the people around you a favour when you take time to relax your mind and body.

Closely linked to water therapy is aromatherapy, an inexpensive addition to your therapies at home. This is achieved by adding essential oils or natural bath salts to your bath. Various scents create different moods and help heal and relax your body. 

It is believed that scents permeate the pores of our skins and not just through our nostrils. So breathe deeply and feel the power of the scents through every pore of your skin as you enjoy the collection of scented oils and balms. 

Homeowners and home-users that may be interested should take some time to read about or research this interesting subject in order to obtain the greatest benefits from essential oils and bath salts.

Sound therapy is quite easy to incorporate when creating a home spa. According to a research a simple CD player or music player is all you need. Certainly if you desire professional quality, you would need to update to a sound system with several speakers. 

Sound therapy is using music or sound waves or vibrations to balance our energy centres, to relax, to energise and to heal. Sound therapy works best if you resonate with the music. 

This should be music that relaxes you and does not make you want to get up and dance. The slower the brain wave, the more relaxed you are. 

It is also a belief that sound therapy helps to recharge our mental capacities and perform better in a conscious state and brings us to a state of calmness, to feel more rested. 

Therapy of colour

Chromo therapy as the name connotes is the therapy of colour. The psychology of colours at its best. Want to be stimulated? Use red. Blue is the colour you are looking for if you prefer soothing calmness. 

Generally warmer colours stimulate while the cooler colours of the sky and sea brings calmness. 

Chromo therapy is the latest spa specifications. Because it involves the use of sophisticated