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How can I help my mates?

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a  13-year-old-girl in JHS One.  My classmates are quite intelligent, but one thing that is distracting their attention from their  books  is boy-girl relationship. I have been trying to solve the problem, but it seems not to work.
Dear Gifty,  As you enter your adolescent age and  begin to change physically and emotionally , you naturally  get attracted to the opposite sex. However, that does not mean you should engage in a relationship  because  you are still young.
And as you rightly  said, such relationships can seriously distract you from the important  things that you need to focus on. They can also expose you to heath risks  and destroy your goals in life. That is why I always advise you to keep away from such relationships.
The world has become very challenging and the only thing that children can do for themselves  in order to fit in well is to get proper education. Since you are one of them,  you cannot solve the problem.  The best thing to do is to confide in your school counsellor or  a trusted teacher to help. Good luck.