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I Can't Control My Temper

Dear Auntie Betty,
I am a boy of 11 years and in Class Five. My friends often tease me in class, which upsets me. So I also hit them anyhow.  One day, I hit somebody which put me in great trouble.
Auntie Betty, please how can you help me solve my problem?
Taifa, Accra.
Dear Kwaku,
Being angry is a normal human reaction to situations we all go through.  It is, however, the way we handle our anger that makes us people who are tolerant or not of other people’s views about us.  If we are able to handle anger well, all people around us will love us and would always want to be in our company.
You should also understand that teasing is part of life, particularly with young children such as you. Even adults sometimes tease one another and so you should not get angry with your friends. If you continue to do that, you will lose all of them and become lonely in school.
Can you imagine going to school just for a day without having anyone to talk to or play with?  Would you be able to stay in school for a whole week when everyone deserts you? I am sure you won’t.
Why don’t you sometimes ignore them or leave the scene immediately they begin to mock you.  When they realise that you are not hurt by what they do, they will stop after some time. Sometimes it’s also good to join them to laugh and have some fun.
Kwaku, you do not have to be violent, otherwise you will suffer more serious problems as you grow up. It’s good to stand up for yourself but it pays to be patient, so try your best and do so a day at a time.  All the best.