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My Parents Don't Trust Me

DEAR Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 14 years and completed my basic education this year.  I like people  because my pastor  told me that human beings are all the same no matter where they come from.  Since then, I have  had  problems  with my parents, especially my dad, who  thinks that every boy  I make friends with  is in a relationship with me.  But I have never thought of being in a relationship at all.   Unfortunately for me, people believe  what my dad is saying; so they  call me  ‘town helper’ which makes me feel bad.
I have lost almost all my friends because they say my dad is too rude and harsh on people.
Dear Ivy, Your  pastor is right, all human beings are the same and should be treated with respect no matter where they come from.   It is good  to be nice to people but that does not mean that you should be seen associating with  all manner of people.
For your parents or people to  tag you as a bad girl means that  you  must be doing something wrong.   The way you behave when you are around your friends may make people form their own opinions about you.
My dear Ivy,  check the way you relate to people,  so you do not raise eyebrows. The moment you are seen as a bad girl, it will be difficult  for people to change their minds about  you. It does not speak well  of you as a young girl   to make friends with only boys. This  is because you can easily get tempted to cross the line.
You are still young, so it is not too late to turn things around. But that will depend on you from now on.
Your parents want the best for you, so make sure  you relate to your female friends as well  and they will gradually learn to trust you.