National Cadet Corps mark Republic Day with parade

BY: Justice Agbenorsi & Jemima Okang Addae
National Cadet Corps mark Republic Day with parade

The National Cadet Corps, made up of cadet groups from basic, junior and senior high schools, yesterday put up spectacular march past performances at the Black Star Square to commemorate this year’s Republic Day.

More than 10,000 youth, under the command of a young-female Parade Officer, Jessica Botchwey, took turns to march in regimented order, which ended in a formation that illustrated the phrase, “Youth will do better through volunteerism”.

The occasion, which was on the theme: “Working together through volunteerism, bouncing back together”, was not only used to mark 62 years of attaining a republican status after independence on July 1, 1960 but also to exhibit their willingness to use volunteerism as a tool for national development.

The occasion featured several other drills by the cadet groups as well as performances by a Taekwondo detachment, also made up of young men and women.

The cadet corps of the various security agencies also took part in the ceremony.

A Deputy Chief of Staff, Emmanuel Adumua-Bossman, and the national cadet coordinator, Nicholas Nii TetteyAmarteifi o, reviewed the parade.

The occasion was also graced by senior officers of the security agencies, religious groups, traditional authorities, members of the diplomatic corps and leaders of youth-led groups, among other high-profile personalities.

Special awards were presented to individuals and schools for their excellent performances in both the march past and a brass band competition which took place last Wednesday.


Mr Adumua-Bossman said with the country’s youthful population, constituting 60 per cent, any investment made in them now would be a positive outcome for the future and the society at large.

“If all of us, including corporate Ghana, could invest in the youth in various meaningful ways such as through music, camping and other educational competitions that engage them, no individual, group or persons or terrorist entities could influence them negatively,” he said.

The Deputy Chief of Staff expressed gratitude that the youth had chosen volunteerism as a theme for the occasion, as only a handful of youth understood its importance towards development.


Mr Adumua-Bossman challenged leaders in the country to do more by encouraging the youth to do voluntary work, adding: “Our actions and inaction will tell the story of whether or not it is good to do voluntary work”.

He further commended the participants for their selflessness in partaking in the march past.

“The cadet corps is the biggest and reliable youth organisation in Ghana and this is evident through the mobilisation of about 10,000 boys and girls who have managed to come from all 16 regions to commemorate this day,” Mr Adumua-Bossman added.

The deputy chief of staff further appealed to the various heads of missions in the country to continue to encourage and promote good cultural, educational and sports exchanges among the youth of their respective countries, especially with members of the cadet corps.


For his part, Mr Tettey-Amarteifio explained that the essence of the parade was to emphasise the willingness of the youth to volunteer and contribute their quota toward national development.

He, therefore, called on the government to support the fraction of youth who were ready to volunteer for the country in different capacities.

That, Mr Tettey-Amarteifi o added, would ensure that the youth did not engage in activities that would jeopardise the nation.

He further called on the security agencies to help the youth achieve the volunteerism goal by prioritising members of the cadet corps during recruitment.