Danger ahead at Galilea Market on Accra-Kasoa highway

Danger ahead at Galilea Market on Accra-Kasoa highway

Danger looms as this metal frame holding the traffic lights (right) is tilted perilously towards the direction of the pedestrian crossing and is likely to fall off if it is not attended to immediately.

This is simply danger in waiting, as the whole structure, located close to the Galilea Market in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, near Kasoa on the Accra-Cape Coast road, could tumble down any time soon.

Also worrying is that some of the lights are either displaced or not functioning, resulting in pedestrians often competing with vehicles to use that spot of the road, which makes it even more difficult and risky for pedestrians to cross the dual-carriage highway.

For any functional city, traffic lights are installed to, among others, increase the traffic handling capacity of an intersection to improve the safety and efficiency of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Indeed, they are also mounted at strategic locations to regulate the flow of vehicular traffic to protect lives of pedestrians and other road users. However, this function seems to be defeated by the current state of the traffic light located close to this market.

This location happens to be a very busy area because of the market. But the current state of the traffic light poses a threat to both drivers and pedestrians.

We wonder what the authorities concerned with monitoring these facilities are doing! This is an urgent call for them to rise up to their duty and fix the traffic light to avert any imminent danger.


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