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Pergado Ultra: Syngenta’s new product to combat black pod disease
this product will be good for cocoa farmers

Pergado Ultra: Syngenta’s new product to combat black pod disease

Cocoa farmers in West Africa have reason to celebrate as Syngenta, an agricultural firm, introduces Pergado Ultra, a fungicide tailored to combat and control the black pod disease of cocoa. 


This solution promises not only to effectively control the disease but also to increase yield and improve quality for cocoa farmers.

The unveiling was made in a press release issued last Tuesday by the organisation. According to the release, this new formula was designed in partnership with the Overseas Warehouse (GH) Ltd (OWL), a subsidiary of the African Tiger Holding Ltd.

“This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing the challenges faced by cocoa farmers in our regions. Pergado Ultra, the result of extensive research and technological expertise, promises to enhance productivity while minimising environmental impact”, the release noted.

In addition, Pergado Ultra is said to be a traditional fungicide which is copper-free, offering a more balanced environmental profile while still providing effective control of the disease. 

Highlighting the formula of the fungicide, the release noted; “The formula is double rainproof. It is rainfast within an hour while the LOK&FLO technology ensures the product is not washed off easily by even torrential rains after application”.

The West & Central Africa Head of Syngenta, Mr Issakha Camara, expressed excitement about the product, emphasing its significance in empowering cocoa farmers to overcome farming challenges. 

He highlighted the introduction of the product which comes more than two decades after Syngenta first introduced its Ridomil Gold Plus fungicide to the Ghanaian and West African cocoa industry. 

Part of the release also mentioned their partner, OWL’s focus on delivering novel crop-protection solutions to farmers, with particular emphasis on the cereal and cocoa industries.

This it said aligned with Syngenta's vision for the future of agriculture. Together, they aim to support farmers in maximising their yields and environmental impacts.

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