Men should prioritise grooming to boost self-image – Style strategist

BY: Joycelyn Kyei-Baffour
Neckties must be of corect lenght

IN recent times, some men have become more conscious about their grooming needs, with the aim of becoming more attractive and project a positive image about themselves.They have realised the value and joy in grooming and have become quite comfortable investing in their appearance.

In an interview with the Mirror last Wednesday in Accra, a visibility and style strategist, Ms. Adiza Brimah-Annan,  encouraged men to pay more attention to catering for their body needs and investing in building a personal brand that complements their personality and aspirations.

“Grooming is not only for women; men should pay more attention to grooming and personal style because it increases one’s visibility. Take time to build a wardrobe that complements who you are and empowers you to chase your aspirations daily.

If you dress well, it boosts your reputation and helps you stand out. Think of your appearance or self presentation as a piece of promotional information that makes you worthy of the opportunity you seek” she said.

Ms Brimah-Annan explained that a person’s appearance could “command respect and exhibit  competence”. “Looking good is not shallow, vain or phoney. Think of it as setting an emotional and physical tone for your personal brand .

It also helps people to correct a certain perception about you and ultimately boosts your self worth. People will rather seek help from a well - dressed person than a shabbily dressed person, with the perception that well -dressed persons  are more trust worthy' she stressed.

Skin care
The visibility and style strategist encouraged men to cater for their skin by constantly moisturising and exfoliating it.

“Men also need radiant and healthy skins. Men who keep facial hair should ensure they keep it clean and most of all it must complement their face shape and lifestyle. Avoid using saliva to moisture your lips by investing in lip balms.

Most men think it is not masculine enough, but there are lip balms that do not have a glossy finish like the one’s females use, which men can use. The balms will prevent you  from walking around with dry or chapped lips,” she added.


Men can apply lip balm


Ms Brimah-Annan also entreated men to trim their nails regularly and use hand moisturiser more often to avoid dry palms.

Use of fragrance
According to the visibility and style strategist, men who sweat excessively should not use fragrance to mask the smell of sweat. She advised that they invest in fragrances that support their grooming goals.

 Touching on the use of fragrance at work, she advised that the choice should complement one’s personality and role.

“Aquatic or citrus scented perfumes work well for people who are very friendly and want to draw attention to themselves. In an office setting, one should refrain from using floral scented fragrances, because some people may react to it. How would you feel if someone comes into contact with you and sneezes because of your perfume?” she asked.

Corporate grooming tips
For accessories, Ms Brimah-Annan stressed the need for men to complement personality and work environment.
“For instance, you should avoid wearing bold statement fashion rings at work that will draw attention to you,” she explained.

On colours, she said that for ages, colours had fascinated many and influenced the choice of what to wear, hence in choosing colours, one ought to  be guided by the visual representations.

“Pair colours to create contrast. For instance, if you are going for a meeting, and you do not want to be noticed, you can choose to wear a low contrast colour. When wearing socks, ensure they match with the hemline of your trouser, and matches your outfit.

A neck tie should also complement the size of the lapel of your jacket and should hit the top of your belt buckle. It should fit very well,” she advised.

She recommended belts which look formal and which match shoes as more appropriate in office settings, adding that loafers or driving shoes should be avoided.




Formal belts

She advised persons attending interviews to familiarise themselves with the dress culture of the company in order to dress appropriately.

“If you work in an organisation where there is no particular dress code, it is up to you to develop your personal style. You have to express your worth through your choice of accessories and clothing in order to create an impression that will influence you and those around you” she added.