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Feeling classy with suspenders
If you make up your mind to go in for a suspender then it is important to know the right types to pick.

Feeling classy with suspenders

There are times you meet some men who keep tucking in just to ensure that their trouser is firm on their waist. The surest way to hold your trousers firmly in place is with a pair of suspenders. This timeless accessory never seems to go out of style, likely because without them, we would have generations of men stuck with only men’s belts, for time without end.

Suspenders can be described as a pair of straps that go over someone's shoulders and are fastened to their trousers at the front and back to prevent the pants from falling down. There are a lot of men out there who do not have any idea of how to wear a suspender.

If you make up your mind to go in for a suspender then it is important to know the right types to pick. You can go in for a clip-in or button-on suspenders. Clip-on suspenders attach to your shorts or trousers with clips. The main advantage of these suspenders is their versatility, since you can wear them with almost any shorts or trousers.

Button-on suspenders are common with formal attire and they come with buttons for fastening onto your pants. You can only use button-on suspenders with jeans or trousers that feature six buttons hidden along the waistband. The suspenders then button onto these loops.

Aside from the different fastenings, suspenders will form either an X or Y shape at the back. With the X shape suspender, the straps meet in the middle of your back, where they cross before meeting at the opposite end at the back of your pants. Typically, X shape suspenders meet at two points at the back of your pants.

While with the Y shape suspenders, you would notice that the straps also meet in the middle of your back, rather than crossing over and wandering to two different points on your pants.

According to fashion experts, for formal events, always go for a suspender that matches the theme of the day. For instance, if you are a groom, you would likely wish to choose suit suspenders that match your bride’s shoes, accessories, or even a bouquet.

During black tie dress code and other formal events, wear suspenders that allow for personalisation. Consider a pair that subtly features embossed leather details, unique patterns, or even a leather monogram to complement your outfit for the day.

For more laid back formal events, such as cocktail parties and work soirées, suspenders with a bow-tie in the same colour is the way to go.

Most guys cannot remember when they last wore suspenders with a casual dress code as most people associate suspenders with the classic and formal dressing style. Nonetheless, suspenders with jeans are back in vogue. You grab one and change your looks.


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