Strategies for SMEs to manage effects of current power fluctuations
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Strategies for SMEs to manage effects of current power fluctuations

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, businesses rely heavily on a consistent and reliable power supply to operate efficiently. 


However, unpredictable power interruptions can disrupt production schedules, lead to financial losses, and jeopardize customer relationships. 

Ghana has long struggled with electricity fluctuations, which have had a negative impact on the country's companies and entrepreneurs. 

The unstable power supply has further caused disruptions in industry processes, increased expenses, and decreased productivity. 

To offset the effects of power on their operations, businesses must implement strategic steps to ensure business continuity and sustainability. 

In this article, I have, I highlighted practical ways that entrepreneurs can use to offset the effects of the current power fluctuations.

Invest in alternate power sources

One of the most effective ways for entrepreneurs to offset the effects of power fluctuations is to invest in alternative energy sources such as solar panels, generators, or inverters. 

Businesses that have a backup power source can continue operations during power outages while minimizing disruptions. Solar panels are a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses who want to lessen their reliance on the national grid. 

Generators and inverters can also provide a consistent source of power during outages, allowing critical equipment and machinery to continue operating.

Implement energy-efficient technologies 

Another method for entrepreneurs to offset the consequences of power fluctuations is to include energy-efficient technologies into their operations. Businesses that invest in energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and equipment can reduce their overall energy use and minimize their electricity bills. 

Energy-efficient solutions not only help businesses save money over time, but they also have a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, energy-efficient solutions can help organizations run more efficiently during power outages by requiring less power to operate.

Create flexible working arrangements 

Entrepreneurs can also reduce the impact of Dumsor by implementing flexible working arrangements for their staff. Businesses can maintain operational continuity by allowing workers to work remotely or change their work hours during power outages. 

Flexible working options can help organizations retain productivity and fulfil deadlines even during power outages. Furthermore, remote work can help individuals maintain a better work-life balance and increase job satisfaction.

Implement power-management measures

Entrepreneurs can reduce the impact of power fluctuations by employing power management solutions in their operations. 

Businesses that monitor and analyse their energy usage might identify places where energy is wasted and apply actions to reduce consumption. 

Simple measures such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use, installing energy-efficient appliances, and programming timers for power-hungry equipment can help businesses save money on electricity and minimise their dependency on the national grid.

Make a contingency plan 

To limit the impact of Dumsor on their operations, entrepreneurs should create a contingency plan outlining how they will deal with power disruptions. 

The strategy should contain processes for communication with employees, suppliers, and customers during outages, as well as rules for task prioritisation and resource allocation. 

Businesses that have a well-thought-out contingency plan in place can reduce delays and ensure a speedy recovery from power outages.

Collaborate with other businesses

Entrepreneurs can also reduce the impact of power fluctuations by partnering with other businesses in their vicinity. 


Businesses can meet the problems posed by Dumsor by pooling their resources and efforts and finding new solutions to ensure company continuity. 

Collaboration with other firms can also give entrepreneurs access to alternative power sources, shared workspaces, and mutual support during power shortages.


Power fluctuations in Ghana have presented substantial hurdles for enterprises; nevertheless, by applying smart strategies, firms can limit the effects of Dumsor on their operations. 

Entrepreneurs may maintain business continuity and sustainability in the face of power fluctuations by investing in alternate power sources, adopting energy-efficient technologies, implementing flexible working arrangements, creating a backup plan, and collaborating with other firms.
Entrepreneurs must be proactive and imaginative in solving the issues provided by Dumsor in order for their businesses to succeed and develop. 


The writer is Lecturer/SME Industry Coach, University of Professional Studies Accra
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