Powerball lottery comes to Ghana on November 14

BY: Bernard Neequaye
A man displaying a Powerball lottery ticket
A man displaying a Powerball lottery ticket

Powerball, a popular lottery game in the world, would come to Ghana with a $168,000,000 jackpot up for grab by a lucky winner.

With the last US Powerball jackpot won in September, there is a chance it will be won in the upcoming draw on Saturday night, November 14.

In addition to the huge jackpot being raffled, Ghanaians can take part in Powerball by participating online by purchasing tickets at GoLotter.

GoLotter lottery ticket messaging service breaks down any geographical barrier and allow people from any country in the world to participate in Powerball.

Interested Ghanaians must sign up at Golotter.com and select the Powerball lottery from over 50 lotteries available on the site. They will have to fill out their tickets with favorite numbers, or use a computer-generated random selection.

The participants will have to indicate how many lines to play, or choose to play with a lottery syndicate to increase their chances of winning.

Adrian Cooremans, Golotter’s spokesman explains: “Golotter gives players the opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest and most exciting lotteries. And the best part? Our customers don’t just play lotteries - they also win them!

“Scores of Golotter's players have won Powerball prizes over the years and a number of our players have become Powerball millionaires after they matched the five main numbers in a lucky draw.”