Kwame Pianim predicts 2022 will be more difficult

Kwame Pianim predicts 2022 will be more difficult

Economist and political stalwart, Mr. Kwame Pianim has reminded all Ghanaians that the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over and there is therefore the need to stay calm and present a united front to protect each other.

He says it may even get worse before things revert to some form of a new normal.

Sharing his views on the 2022 Budget and related matters, Mr Pianim said the country remains in “an economic crisis and 2022 is going to be more difficult than 2021. The extra resources we had to weather the storm in 2021 may not be available to us in 2022. These include IMF Covid-19 alleviation SDR (Social Relief of Distress) we benefited from, draw-downs from national reserves and special borrowings from Bank of Ghana. The National boat is in stormy waters and if any of us try to agitate for special positions, we risk sinking the boat.”

Pianim urged Organised Labour to be cautious in its demands, saying “Government is maintaining jobs in the crisis by borrowing to pay wages and salaries. Let us see how we can all tighten our belts to survive the pandemic induced crises. The economy is wobbly and we should all try to keep it stable. The rest of the world is busy with their own problems. Let us look inside for resilience.”

He also urged parliamentarians to focus on serious national issues and help protect the 4th Republic.

“If you push politics into the streets you will be the major losers and set back national development for decades. Focus on deliberating on the Budget and make the measures to promote national interest and welfare of the poor in your constituencies.”

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