Appointments lack spirit of inclusiveness, pragmatism – says Alhaji S.M. Sibidow

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Alhaji S.M. Sibidow

According to Alhaji Sibidow, the so-called spirit of winner-takes-all, as enshrined in the constitution, cannot stand the test of uniting and reconciling a divided nation.

He said this critical time of the nation’s development was the time for an all-hands-on-deck policy to lift the country out of its socio-economic and political difficulties.

Worst of all, according to Alhaji Sibidow, the winner-takes-all policy, in our present situation, leaves a wide gap for vicious corruption.

“That is why I am not enthused and feel worried by the way President Mahama is going about governance of the country”, he declared, adding, “Nobody is out to undermine him. It is up to him to reflect soberly because my observations are born out of many instances that I can cite which will not augur well for the nation.”

Alhaji Sibidow was extremely worried that the latest appointments had closed the gate for others who barely missed the opportunity to win the 2012 polls to participate in the governance of the nation.

He also challenged all chiefs and opinion leaders who were given vehicles during the 2012 polls to return them to government on moral grounds, particularly in the face of the justifiable demands of teachers and doctors, as well as the crisis facing the general economy.

“We should stop pretending that things are well, Ghana is doing well and face the harsh reality of our time,” he stated.

“We should stop showing to the public pretentious and cosmetic faces and be honest and fair to the electorate”.

He called on the government to work in the interest of the nation, saying “Everything ought to be done not to disappoint the electorate.”

Story by Kobby Asmah