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• A guy about town

Osu Night Market

 For a temporary gig, the event designed and hosted by the Ghana Design Network that takes place at the Osu Night Market every so often is really inspiring.


I mean, it is one of the few events in town that actually sees a great mix of people from all walks of life mingling and bonding and sharing fellowship over, wait for it, kenkey!

The last episode, which occurred last Friday, was to celebrate Homowo, the annual festival of the Ga people, and boy, was the street in front of the night market at Osu, where fresh fish and pork are grilled and delivered to accompany kenkey and such, turned into a great hub!

There was so much energy in the air, and I tell you, even if there was no loud music, the fun people around, would have still had such a great time and hang out till the wee hours of the following morning.

After all, it is not often that we get to do this sort of thing these days.

As I waited for my fish, which was on the grill to cook, Madam Eibling who had had her fill earlier was also at Auntie Atwei’s stall buying more fish and ‘domedo’. When her selection was done, out came her take - out bowls  for the chow, to take away.

Oh, why didn’t I think of that! I could just imagine waking up on Sunday morning and making anotherspread of kenkey and grilled fish and freshly finger-licking ground pepper seeped in ginger, garlic and aromatic herbs.

My mouth instantly became wet from salivating just thinking about that prospect for Sunday, never mind that I was in the process of getting to have precisely what I was thinking about right now!

Seems the event has really come to stay.  A competition to pick a design to brand the event was held. I’m afraid I left before the winner was actually chosen but I shall find out more about the person who did, and share with you next week.

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