Nhyira Addo shifts to Live FM

BY: Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

Nhyira Addo, former co-host of the Citi Breakfast show, has confirmed to ameyawdebrah.com that he has left Citi FM and will be joining Live FM later this month. 

Speaking on claims that the move could be as a result of a reshuffle at Citi FM, the man with the smooth voice said, “Reshuffle? No! Change and innovation is a constant for winners.

I have been recuperating from an illness that is why I haven’t been on the radio since early January. I am moving to the next chapter of my career. Call it the continuation of my adventure on earth.”

Nhyira said his time on Citi FM was fun and the experience was a privilege. “Being on the Citi Breakfast Show for me was a rare privilege and it’s an experience that will live with me forever. I had great colleagues and geniuses for leaders.”

On his upcoming move to Live FM and what listeners should expect, Nhyira said “Let’s all wait and see. Just expect the sun to shine every day. On a serious note, God willing from February 28, listeners of the Live Breakfast Club can expect to hear us dice issues that affect everyone’s life. From the trotro mate or kayayoo to the housewife and the CEO there will be insights that will impact their lives.

It’s going to be purely about lifestyle. Simply put we are going to be shifting minds on the Live Breakfast Club”, he said.