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The public ‘showdown’ on social media is unnecessary- Stacy to feuding celebs
The public ‘showdown’ on social media is unnecessary- Stacy to feuding celebs

The public ‘showdown’ on social media is unnecessary- Stacy to feuding celebs

MEDIA personality, Stacy Amoateng is advising celebrities, especially besties turned foes, about the need to maintain privacy and safeguard their personal disputes from public scrutiny.


Emphasising the importance of keeping their disagreements out of the public eye, the host of the TV show Restoration with Stacy said it was time such influential figures and role models stopped such public ‘showdowns’ whenever bad blood arose.

She told Graphic Showbiz that it was inappropriate for former friends who were once inseparable to resort to public insults, often using offensive language and revealing intimate secrets. She asserted that such behaviour not only tarnished their public image but could also irreparably damage the bonds they once cherished.

Stacy cautioned celebrities about the unforgiving nature of the internet and observed that hardly a week passed without a public dispute between celebrity friends or public figures engaging in a messy social media feud. Whether it involves betrayal or online animosity, some of these quarrels have been explosive and highly visible to the public.

“It is worrisome that some celebs who were once bosom pals virtually let out their claws to scratch their eyes out and reveal secrets, some dark ones when they fall out.

 “Don’t forget you once shared a bond. Why would you say offensive stuff that you cannot come back as even mere friends if not as besties again? Too much damage would be already done. Is it worth it to wash your dirty linens in public just because you are not on good terms again? I don’t think so,” she stated.

She further advised celebs to consider the long-term consequences of their actions, as everything they said and did online could affect not only themselves but also the people involved, including their children. To her, responding to such situations with silence remains the wisest course of action.

Stacy expressed her sadness at witnessing such conflicts on the internet, stressing that trust was often shattered when secrets were divulged publicly.

 “The best approach in such situations is to remain silent and abstain from sharing sensitive information," she stated.



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