Terminal 3: Symbol of governance continuity

BY: Rt Rev. Samuel N. Mensah
Terminal 3: Symbol of governance continuity
Terminal 3: Symbol of governance continuity

It brings a lot of pride to every Ghanaian to see infrastructural projects being completed.

 The completion of Terminal 3 of the Kotoka International Airport is a good symbol of what I term “governance continuity” and would like to commend both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the current administration for seeing to the completion of this all-important infrastructure which is expected to handle up to five million passengers a year, with an expansion potential of up to 6.5 million passengers.

Many a time, we have seen important projects being abandoned to rot if there is a change in government, but for what has happened and the success story of the completion of the Terminal 3, it is an indication that Ghana will experience significant infrastructural development if all governments that come to power see the need to continue already-existing projects.

Political colouration

I believe the time has come for us as a nation to disassociate political party colours from government infrastructural projects and see it as a project for Mother Ghana.

This was the drive of our first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Sometimes because of the fear of giving credit to whom credit is due, politicians play delay tactics in
completing already-existing projects started by previous administrations to the detriment of the ordinary Ghanaian.

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If we are to run the nation’s infrastructural projects with this negative attitude and mindset, it will take us many years as a nation to arrive at our desired destination.
Politicians must understand and appreciate the fact that it is the taxpayers’ money they use for these projects and, therefore, it must be used to the ultimate advantage of the ordinary man on the street.

Governmental waste Of what benefit is it for one government to spend taxpayers’ money to import over 110 vehicles for the use of state institutions in 1999 when they are still found unused till date in spite of successive governments that have come after President Rawlings’ tenure?

This is a clear case of governmental wastage and misuse of public funds, and no society or nation can develop with such a waste in its system of governance.

I strongly believe that the success story of the completion of Terminal 3 of the KIA will teach us a great lesson as a nation and serve as a wake-up call towards the completion of other existing projects.

To this end, I appeal to Parliament and all other relevant stakeholders to consider the development of a 20-year strategic infrastructural development plan that every government will be guided by. This will help eliminate the issue of abandoned projects and unnecessary waste in the system.

Commissioning invitation

I recommend that during the inauguration ceremony, the NDC government, under the leadership of Former President, John Mahama, will be invited to the ceremony with the name of the former President embossed on the plaque as the one who assisted the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to inaugurate the edifice.

In my view, if the current government can blame the previous administration for the mess they created in the economy, as a leadership development consultant, I suggest that for good and efficient governance continuity, it is important to give credit to whom credit is due and to recognise the works of the previous administration for getting the project started in 2016 before leaving office.

This will also send a strong signal that with governance continuity, a nation can be transformed.

Terminal 3 should become an inspiring edifice for every politician, policymaker and the entire Ghanaian population that when a government is committed to continuing projects of a previous government which are of national interest, it brings honour to the nation.

The writer is the President of the Full Gospel Church International and a Leadership Development and Transition Management Consultant, as well as the author of “Vision the Fuel that drives Leaders”.

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