PPA addresses misconceptions about GHANEPS
PPA addresses misconceptions about GHANEPS

PPA addresses misconceptions about GHANEPS

The Public Procurement Authority (PPA) has issued a statement in response to misconceptions surrounding the Ghana Electronic Procurement System (GHANEPS). 


The Authority notes that claims regarding the system's inefficiency are unfounded. They highlight that as of April 23, 2024, there have been 5048 contracts awarded through GHANEPS, with 64% of these tenders being Request for Quotations (RFQ) which are common in Ghanaian procurement practices.

The PPA also explains the prevalence of framework agreements in GHANEPS, emphasizing their cost-saving benefits and efficiency in procurement processes. They refute the notion that records on GHANEPS are "useless," citing the significance of small value contracts, particularly in sectors like healthcare.

Regarding World Bank projects in GHANEPS, the PPA clarifies that compliance with GHANEPS is mandatory for such projects, with noncompliance resulting in the cessation of funds disbursement. They also highlight ongoing efforts to onboard Investment Project Financing (IPF) programs to GHANEPS.

Addressing concerns about alleged financial losses through procurement, the PPA deems the claim of $3 billion annual losses highly improbable, considering the percentage of government expenditure passing through public procurement channels.

The statement also addresses previous misrepresentations by Mr. Simons regarding GHANEPS, pointing out discrepancies in his claims about tender numbers and system expenditure.

In conclusion, the PPA reaffirmed its commitment to the successful implementation of GHANEPS, noting progress in training and onboarding entities. They assure stakeholders of increased accessibility, transparency, and fairness in public procurement through GHANEPS.

The PPA encouraged continued collaboration with stakeholders striving for transparency, efficiency, and value for money in government expenditure.

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