Muslims advised to live above reproach
Dr Shani Bashiru (inset), Senior Lecturer at Accra Technical University, delivering the lecture

Muslims advised to live above reproach

A senior lecturer at the Accra Technical University (ATU), Dr Shani Bashiru, has advised Muslims in the country to live above reproach, especially during the Ramadan period of fasting.

He urged them to conduct themselves in line with Islamic doctrines by being one another’s keeper and also behave in a way that would reflect positively in their lives and the nation as a whole.

"I urged you, particularly the youth, to always exercise patience and tolerance at all times and refrain from unlawful acts to ensure peaceful co-existence," the lecturer added.

He gave the advice in a lecture at the 25th M. A. Mujahid Ramadan Annual Lecture series in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital, on the theme: “Leveraging Ramadan for spiritual and material development of the Muslim.”

It was organised  by the  Ghana Academy Of Muslim Professionals (GAMP), in collaboration with the Ghana Muslims Students Association (GMSA).

It was attended by Muslim scholars, students and youth groups, among others.

Fasting is a spiritual exercise that helps Muslims to get rid of undesirable habits, while increasing their fortitude and patience.

During the month-long fast, Muslims are required to abstain from food and water from sunrise to dusk.

It also enables them to empathise with the less fortunate members of society who suffer from hunger due to poverty and keep Satan and his temptations away.

To this end, Muslims are required to show kindness and generosity towards the poor by way of giving out food and alms.

They are also expected to restrain their anger, exhibit tolerance and promote peace among themselves and their neighbours.


Speaking on the on the topic: “Unpacking sabr as a fundamental teaching of fasting in Ramadan”,  Dr Bashiru also stressed the need for the youth to develop self-control and patience in their dealings and with others.

He said Ramadan also promotes righteousness and makes it easier for a seeker to scale spiritual heights “by making deliberate effort to increase their consciousness of Allah through the fast”.

“Also ensure that people see the positives of Islam instead of the unfortunate narrative that has been associated with some Muslim youth,” the lecturer added.

He further charged them to put aside their differences and work collectively to accelerate the development of their respective communities.


The Head Of Dawah and Publication at the Ghana Academy Of Muslim Professionals, Rayhann Shaban, said that Ramadan was a period when Muslims were required to do an introspection to know what went wrong in their lives in the past and endeavour to make amends, while praying for forgiveness and long life.

He urged all to use the holy month to pray for the good of the country.

According to him, the lecture was in series and would be held across the country

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